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The studded leather armor is an ancient protective weapon used for weapon slashing and arrow shooting. Studded leather armor are many kinds of ancient studded leather armor the emperor’s armor is the most luxurious and strong. Here are the four gold armor of the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (the gold armor is not all made of gold.

but the armor of gold is decorated), a piece of steel lining is inaccessible, a piece of gold is set in a treasure, and a piece is adorned with gold leaves. A time-consuming four-year-old, rare treasure.

1.Leather Muscle Armor with Studded TassetsĀ 

Qianlong iron leaf gilded armor. This armor is used by Emperor Qianlong. The helmet is made of steel. It is 32 cm high and 21 cm in diameter. The front and rear beams are gold-plated hollowed-up dragons. The front and rear beams are longitudinally gilded and Sanskrit triple, with gold and gold.

The top of the helmet is a triangular gold-plated flame pattern. A is the top of the top, the top is 76 cm long and the lower is 7 l cm long. The surface of the nail is yellow and black, and the gold cloth is plated with gold-plated copper nails. The surface is covered with rectangular steel sheets.

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2.Swordsaxe Real Black Studded Leather

There is a steel core guard in the middle of the outer ridge, and the knee protector is equipped with a steel guard. Because the armor is lined with sturdy steel sheets, it is worn on the body, the golden light is overflowing, and the knife and gun are not plunged.

Qianlong dragon pattern gold inlaid treasure armor. This pair of armor used by Emperor Qianlong. The helmet engraved with 32 dragons, dragonflies and auspicious characters. The pattern painted with gold and inlaid with natural stones such as red and purple.

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3.Faux Leather Metal Spike Studded Gauntlet Wristband Wide Bracer Arm

The dress is made up of 12 pieces of vest, shoulder protector, wristband, knee protector, chest protector and waist protector. It decorated with 18 dragon patterns. The entire armor finely crafted and elegant. In the 22nd year of the Qing Emperor Qianlong (1757), Qianlong gave it to Ganden Monastery and worshipped it in front of the Gelugpa Master Tsongkhabaring Tower.

Qianlong read the book. This pair of armor used by the Emperor Qianlong. The helmet is black, the leather black and lacquered, and the top of the hollow gold dragon covered with pearls. The front and back beams decorated with pearls and decorated with diamonds.

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4.Armor Venue Rangers Studded Leather

The carcass has a gold-plated Sanskrit triplet of 44 words, with a golden plaque. According to the “Archives of the Qing Dynasty Government Office”, the text of the Sanskrit text is “the heart curse mourns the Bodhisattva Guanyin”.One-piece tops, lower skirts, shoulder pads, ankle guards, sleeves, shackles, etc. The jacket is 76cm long, the hem is 74cm wide, and the sleeve length is 87.5cm. The lower skirt is 70cm long and the hem is 57cm wide.

It has a height of 31.5cm and a diameter of 21cm. This a bright yellow satin embroidered colorful clouds, golden dragon pattern, under the sea water cliff pattern, moon white silk. There is a regular gold cap nail on the nail side, a steel heart-protecting mirror in the middle of the garment, and a gold-cloud dragon pattern around the mirror.

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5.Medieval Leather Armor Studded Bracer Pair Arm Guard

The two sleeves woven with gold thread, and the white satin embroidered gold dragon cuffs. The skirts are left and right, the waist connected by cloth, and the face arranged with gold leaves, gold cap nails, and colorful embroidered dragon play beads. This pair of armor adorned with gold leaves, worn for Qianlong reading, glittering and stunning. .

Qianlong gold and silver beads Yunlong pattern armor. This armor used by Emperor Qianlong. The armor materials are: copper, gold leaf, silver leaf, red copper leaf, steel sheet and black lacquer. The armor is the top of the jacket. It is 134 cm long and has a total of 16 gold dragons.

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6.Armor Venue Brass Studded Faux Leather Arm

The dragon, the dragon, the dragon, etc., the golden light flashes. A dress includes a collar, sleeves, shoulder pads, ankle guards, and ankles. A Sang divided into a total of 12 parts. The full set of nails joined by about 600,000 small steel sheets, each of which is about 1 mm thick, 4 mm long and 1.5 mm wide.

In the process of making this pair of armor, Emperor Qianlong felt that the color of the steel was not good. the Qing Dynasty Office changed the armor to a cloud dragon pattern composed of gold, silver, copper and black.

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7.Silver Studded Leather Wide Nickel Pyramid

This pair of armor took 4 years and used about 40,000 man-hours. It made in the twenty-sixth year of Qianlong. It is a rare treasure.

Judging from the unearthed objects, the ancient armor made of rhinoceros, shark and other leathers. The upper body painted; the leather armor composed of a body, a sleeve and a skirt; the method of editing the nail is horizontal and the left pressed.

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8.Unisex Faux Leather Gauntlet Wristband

The right piece, the vertical direction is the lower row of the upper row; the enamel also decorated with eighteen pieces of nails. It is best to use leather for armor materials. Leather armor has used for a long time. Even though metal armor appeared later.

it still widely used because it is light and inexpensive. According to legend, A invented by Chiyou, a leather armor. This is a myth, but it shows that the material originally used in armor is leather.

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9.Alvivi Unisex Spike Studded Rock Punk Biker

Before and after the Tang Dynasty, the previous method of conjugation of the A piece changed, and a new type of leather used to overlap several layers of leather. This leather armor has used in the seventeenth century and has become a representative armor in the world.

In order to meet the needs of the infantry field, the infantry armor used by the infantry in the Tang Dynasty has developed greatly. According to the “Tongdian”, 60% of the soldiers in each team equipped with armor, while the soldiers of the Han Dynasty army only accounted for 40% of the total.

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10.Viking Bags Armor Leather Motorcycle

The basic shape of this type of infantry armor is: the front and back of the body strapped on the shoulders, the shoulders covered with animal skin, and the waistband has two large knee skirts with several rows of squares on top. A piece of film. The “step man” in the Song Dynasty evolved from this armor.

According to the records of the “Wu Jing General”, the Northern Song Dynasty Steps A made up of iron nails with leather or nails, which is a typical Zhajia. Its protection range includes the whole body.

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In terms of protection range

it is the closest Chinese armor to the European heavy armor, but it does not reach the impenetrable degree of protection of the European heavy armor. According to the provisions of Song Shaoxing’s four years (1134), the step A consists of 1825 pieces of nails with a total weight of 29KG. At the same time, the number of nails can increased to increase the protection, but the weight will increase further.

Armor is the collective name for the protective equipment for the head and trunk of the cold weapon era. It has a wide variety of names, but it basically divided into two parts: the helmet of the head and the armor of the body. A can divided into a body, a skirt, a sleeve and accessories.

In the early days, people used animal skin wicker

cloth cover with padding material, and wood to fix it on the trunk to protect the weapon. With the development of production technology, leather armor, knee armor and copper (bronze) cast armor have gradually emerged. A piece of metal hammered, a metal braided chain mail, and so on. Earlier copper armor appeared in Asia. Copper armor has appeared in the two rivers around 2600 BC, China in the Yinzhou era, and India in the Vedic era. The earliest use of iron armor was the Assyrians of the Middle East.

In the popularization process of armor, there are also matching armor for specific parts of the neck, armor, wrist armor, chest armor and gloves. In the feudal era, some countries in Asia and the medieval European armor highly valued. The production was extremely beautiful and expensive, and there also armor made of gold and silver and rare leather. With the widespread use of modern firearms, the protective effect of the ancient armor on the battlefield gradually decreased, and eventually replaced by bulletproof vests and helmets made with modern technology.

A protective armor for ankles. Shaped like a shirt, the secret is to sew some belts or thin metal sheets on the leather. Sometimes the armor covered with velvet, decorated with a pressed pattern and an engraved pattern. In the door of the century, the chain armor and the fish scales gradually replaced by chain armor and fine armor. In Russia, armor usually a gown that tightly connected by small iron rings.

Protective gear to protect the body during ancient combat

It usually forged into small pieces by iron, and then joined by a small piece of iron with an iron chain. They woven into each other and are soft and light to wear. Prevailing in the Tang Dynasty of China.

A protective device for preventing cold weapons and firearms from killed. Originally used is a sturdy burlap or leather garment. With the metal, the copper, back copper, iron and steel sheets installed. The ancient Eastern peoples had already had leaf armor, and the golden metal leaf was born there, and later widely used by the Romans. The leaves divided into two types: leaf armor and fish scale. After the firearms widely used (from the 14th century onwards), the blade armor becomes a thick metal partial armor that protects the trunk and limbs.

The front part of the helmet prevents cold weapons from attacking the face of the soldiers. Faces used in ancient and medieval times. The face closely attached to the helmet, and some are active. Made of iron or steel, it is in the form of a monolithic tile or scale. The face of the French cylindrical helmet is the extension of the front wall of the helmet, and has 2 eye holes and 1 or 2 nose and mouth holes. The ancient Russian helmet did not actually have a face, but only a narrow arrow-shaped metal piece drooped in the center of the face. Ancient Russian soldiers also wear top-of-the-line helmets; sometimes these helmets also have a chain armor shoulder that canĀ  placed to cover the back of the head, neck, shoulders, and also cover the face.

An accessory for protective gear

Used in the ancient and medieval, to protect the soldiers’ backs, necks, shoulders and shoulders and rabbits from cold weapons. In the collar armor, the neck locked into the shape of a military helmet and hangs over the shoulders. The neck armor made of a ring piece of iron plate or a plurality of metal plates. Medieval knight’s armor, the neck is the main component of protective gear. The neck connected with the blade armor, the blouse and the helmet. It made by size and the shape of the samurai. It divided into two parts, the left side connected by a living hinge, and the stone side connected by a dark shot.

A plate armor chong that protects the military’s chest and back from cold weapons and firearms. It consists of two sturdy curved panels – the chest and the back. Ancient breastplates made of dense matted leather. Later, an iron breastplate appeared, with the front half and the back half connected by a ring and a hinge or an iron belt, and the lower part fastened with a belt. The chest embellished with a pressed pattern or inlaid ornament, and plated or plated, weighing 6-10 kg and having a thickness of 1 -3.5 mm.

In the Russian army

the breastplate equipped with heavy cavalry in 1731, and after a short period of suspension (180a one! 812 years), it used as a protective gear until the 1860s, and only after the first division of the Guards Cavalry. Used as a dress. The soldiers, officers and other personnel of the Yulin Army Cavalry Regiment have different structures and ornaments. The chestnut armor of the Royal Forest Army has a smooth surface with copper ornaments. The Russian armored cavalry only applied for the breastplate in the form of a horse. Due to the continuous improvement of the firearms, the breastplate became the ceremonial harness of the Guardian cavalry (until 1917).

Ancient armor in the hand accessories. The ancient mirror armor began to have no gloves, and then used the leather, felt and so on to protect the back of the hand. After the appearance of the exquisite metal chain armor and forged armor, a blade placed at the lower end of the armor armor to protect the back of the hand. In the early 13th century, Europe turned into a chain mail glove, and then made a five-finger armor glove.

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