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In order to protect the safety of astronauts, enable them to successfully complete the mission, and return to the earth safely, the scientists have made many improvements to the spacesuit. However, since the first time humans set foot on the moon, the study of astronaut helmets has not made any major breakthroughs in 47 years.

As humans look to Mars, landing and exploring Mars at close range is only a matter of time. Obviously, wearing an existing astronaut helmet to Mars is not a good choice. So NASA designers returned to the samurai helmet drawings and began designing astronaut helmets for use on Mars.

What should be the helmet used for the Mars exploration mission?

NASA experts believe that it should be more durable (can withstand storm attacks), be more flexible (making astronauts more convenient) and have a wider field of view (360° viewing angle). And it has to have higher visibility, wear an astronaut helmet, and the astronauts can clearly see the rough surface of Mars under their feet.

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Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano was working

with American astronaut Chris Cassidy on a space mission of about 6.5 hours. Suddenly his spacesuit cooling water began to leak into the interior of his helmet.

In a video released by NASA, Pamitano described what he was facing at the time: “It’s like your eyes are in the aquarium as you walk.”

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He said: “It feels very uncomfortable.”

Your entire face is almost immersed in the water.” His helmet was quickly filled with cooling water, and water poured into his ears, without his nose and mouth. He could hardly hear the sound and couldn’t see anything. Finally, he returned to the airlock cabin of the space station with his memory. He said: “I am very fortunate to be able to return to the cabin in time.”

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The spacesuit worn by astronauts

when performing missions outside the spacecraft is called “outboard spacesuits.” Inside the garment is a built-in cooling water circulation system that helps to regulate and maintain the stability and comfort of the spacesuit. Experts suspect that the cooling water in the space suit leaked into the astronaut’s helmet, which caused the accident.

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Chris Cassedy said in another video released by NASA: “Those waters will be very dangerous if they continue to leak.”

He explained that these cooling waters gradually began to invade the breath of Pamito spacesuits. To maintain the system, an oxygen line is connected to the inside of the helmet of the spacesuit, and the oxygen in the back oxygen reserve tank is input into the helmet.

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Cooling water leaked into the helmet from the back side of Pamitano’s head

and quickly passed over his communicator, rising all the way to his nose, mouth and ears. Cassedi said: “He has water in his ear, and a small portion of the water has begun to spread into his eyes and into his nose.” Later, when I checked, I found that Pamiton’s helmet had been filled. 1~1.5 liters of water.

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Pamitano is the first astronaut in Italy to enter space

In Houston, NASA engineers are nervously checking out what went wrong in those places and causing the leak. This kind of incident is a very serious accident for both the astronauts and the ground control center. At present, the accident investigation team that has been established by the NASA has carried out relevant investigations.

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In a speech last week, NASA officials pointed out: 

“The accident investigation committee will conduct extensive investigations on past operations and maintenance work, quality inspection, flight control and other organizational issues.”

He said: “The investigation The task of the committee will be to investigate the cause of the accident and make corresponding with french pith helmet.Recommendations accordingly in order to take further measures in the future to improve the safety of US manned space activities.”

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On the same day, the two astronauts’ departure missions

were originally to carry out some repairs and maintenance work in order to prepare for the docking operation of a new Russian spacecraft later this year, and to check the cabins being carried out here. Progress in the Surgery Experimental Project.

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The two astronauts, Cassidy and Pamitano, will work and live on the International Space Station for six months. The day’s extravehicular walk was planned to last for 6.5 hours, but the new football helmet leak occurred only 90 minutes. After the initial assessment, the ground control center decided to let the astronauts immediately exit the cabin and return to the space station.

Top 10 Samurai Helmet To Choose

During the Warring States Period in Japan, there were many types of samurai armor, and the shape was also strange. In particular, there was a giant horn on the samurai helmet. Is it not afraid to affect the war?

Actually, the design of the samurai helmet is quite strong, although I don’t know how practical it is, but it is full of shock.Generally, only the leader will wear such complicated armor and samurai helmet, and the symbolic meaning must be greater than the actual effect. In different eras, the armor of the samurai also has different evolutions of type.

This time, we will briefly talk about the story of armor during the Warring States Period in Japan. If you are interested, let’s take a look.

When the ancient Japanese wars with football helmet, the helmets of the samurai (especially the upper warriors) are very wonderful, but the miracles are wonderful, these seemingly wonderful helmets are useful.

1, safe. The main purpose of the helmet is to protect the head.

In the ancient Japanese war, the bow and arrow were used very much, and the Japanese bow has a very strange place. The penetrating power of the Japanese bow is very strong, but the curve is shot.Not so good, neither penetration nor precision. But when you fight, you won’t give the opponent too much chance to shoot, so only the curve shoots. At this time, these wonderful helmets can effectively block the arrows from the air. For example, it is not difficult to shoot a person with a bow and arrow in the distance, but if the person stands under a tree, the branch will block your arrow to a certain extent, you will be hard to hit, right?

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2, majestic. The more exotic the helmet

the more the majesty of the high warrior can be reflected, especially as the warrior of the famous name. The ancient Japanese wars, the small soldiers are temporarily recruited, so they basically don’t know each other. At this time, in order to facilitate the command, Two things are needed. The first is that the soldier is printed with a coat of arms symbolizing the family, and the second is the helmet of the commander.

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To give you an example, the war of the Japanese Warring States period

the Takeda family VS Tokugawa + Oda joined forces, at that time, the loyalty to the Takeda family’s mountain county Changjing as the elite of the Takeda family’s elite cavalry, a horse first entered the coalition army, the result His bright red armor and his wonderful helmet, his identity was exposed. At this time, the Tokugawa family general Bento Chung Shing shouted, “The man is the mountain county Changjing”, and suddenly dozens of firearms are together. The fire broke the mountain county Changjing into a horse cell. . .

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Japan has only a few civilizations in Asia with a history of more than a thousand years

and Japan is one of them. In this long history, there have been countless battles and killings, and the hyperthyroidism has developed step by step, and it has produced thousands of styles. Japan’s hyperthyroidism is world-famous and dazzling. Let’s take a look at the simple history of Japanese hyperthyroidism.

3, ridicule to pull hatred, if the ancient wars can kill the enemy’s well-known generals or general generals, it is naturally a great achievement, but how can Wanjun find the opposite general?Then only look at the helmet, the more the helmet is obvious, it must be the general will be correct, if you can get rid of it, you will be rewarded after the fight.The opposite is also the case, because my helmet is very obvious, so the enemy will definitely attack me with the target, and the enemy who dares to attack is naturally not a leisurely generation. At this time, he only needs to wait for him to come and kill him.just don’t like pith helmet for sale.I can also make meritorious deeds.

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To give you an example, during the Warring States Period of Japan

the Guanyuan decisive battle, the head of the Shimadzu family of the Western Army, Shimazu Shimizu, was about to lose.

He wanted to commit suicide. At this time, his nephew Shimadzu had come over to persuade him. It is said that staying in the green hills is not blazing for firewood, so that it is not possible to be accounted for here as Shimadzu’s head.Shimadzu said that there are so many enemies, how can we break out? His nephew said it doesn’t matter, the enemy will definitely aim at your head. You just need to change my armor with me, let me wear your armor to attract the enemy’s firepower, and then you will break through. Shimazu Yoshihiro succeeded in breaking through, and his nephew died. This is the best case of hatred.

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The first period: the ancient period

the early period of the Heian period (-10th century), subject to the productivity conditions at that time, mainly in the form of short armor, armor and other simple and simple armor.The so-called armor refers to the use of a rope to pierce and laminate the nail piece, and the lower piece of nail covers the bottom end of the upper piece to form an armor pattern whose lower layer is wider than the upper layer. The two-speed armor of the Nara era is the predecessor of the future. The short armor is a piece of leather or metal that is spliced ​​together to protect the main part of the carcass. This period spanned thousands of years, but because it is too far away, there are not many originals preserved.

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The second period: the middle of the peace-Kangcang era (11th-13th century)

Dagu, Suiwan, and abdomen, which have strong Japanese characteristics, began to develop. At that time, the samurai wore a shovel-shaped front star, a star pocket or a rib pocket, a foot wearing a donkey, and riding in the era of using bows and arrows.

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Otsuka originated from two-speed armor and appeared in the middle of the Heian era

Unlike ordinary people’s understanding, the big cockroaches are not made entirely of bamboo and wood. For the purpose of improving the protective ability, iron materials are also used in key parts.A full set of big gongs weighs more than 30 kilograms. It is said that Tokugawa Ieya has once complained that wearing a big cockroach is too heavy, which shows that its protection is high. However, the main disadvantage of the big cockroach is that its rigidity lacks a flexible box-like structure, so that when the warrior dismounts, the activity is limited.

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The third period: the Southern and Northern Dynasties – Muromachi era (13th-16th century)

is an era in which political power is alternately chaotic and local forces are expanding. The testicles and abdominal rolls have been widely used in this period.These armor are light and practical, suitable for walking on foot. In this era of the gradual replacement of the samurai samurai as the main force in the war, the transformation of the development of hyperthyroidism is also brewing.

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The fourth period: Warring States Period – Taoshan Age (16th-17th century)

in this glorious and chaotic era, the sturdy and lightweight features of the world have become popular and become the mainstream armor.When the world is in the middle of Muromachi, its meaning is “modern armor.” However, in fact, this name first appeared in the Edo period.At that time, the people in the Edo period called the “King of the past”, and the “King of the World” was called “the world.” With the use of arquebuses known as “iron cannons”, the style and performance of the armor were greatly affected, and the South Barbarian, which was influenced by Western armor, also began to appear.The shackles and pockets of different styles coexist in this era, which is the era of great prosperity of the armor.

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The fifth period: In the early days of the Edo period – at the end of the dynasty, in the Taiping prosperity of the shogunate in Tokugawa Ieyasu, the practical value of the scorpion gradually gave way to rituals and decorations.

In the period of culture, culture and politics (1804 ~ 1830), pith helmet for sale was popular, and at the end of the Edo period, the lighter refining tools made of raw cowhide paint began to be popular among the lower warriors. In the Edo period, a lot of luxurious armor was also preserved and it is an important cultural heritage.

Pith Helmet Buyer Guide

Vietnamese soldier wearing a green helmet

The green helmet on the head of the Vietnamese soldiers has always been well known. It was after the Second World War that the communist dynasty and later the Vietnamese People’s Army were based on the design of the former colonial power, the French helmet.

In retrospect, these Stormtrooper Helmet are often seen in films such as “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, “People’s Mount Taishan” and “Mummy”. It seems that these hats are standard for archaeological treasure hunt or jungle explorers.

So what is the name of this outdoor classic hat? What is the beginning?

Please call me “myeloid helmet”

“Mental helmet”, this is a name that sounds like a fuss and a creepy name. Its full name is the “pith helmet”.

Simply put, the pith is the middlemost part of the core.

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When taking wood, the two small square strips in the middle of the modern cutting method – the core material is relatively large, and are often used as pillars.

Small history of wood pulp helmet

From a design point of view, Vietnam’s green pith helmet is similar to the civilian helmet of World War II. The metal badge is used in front of the hat and covered with a green cloth like a jungle. This helmet has been widely used among Vietnamese civilians, especially in the north, but after 2007, the green helmet was hit by the motorcycle helmet and the usage rate dropped. It is now only available in some military and police uniforms.

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Chalcedony helmets also known as safari helmets or sun helmets

are lightweight helmets.

In the 1800s, the pith helmet first appeared in India. It is also known as Sola Topee, which is named after its main material, the pith, whose soft tissue comes from a tree trunk called Sola, which is produced in India. In addition, it has other features, such as the front and rear hats designed to be shaded, and the holes on both sides of the hat for ventilation, and equipped with a chin rest to hold it firmly on the head. It is worth mentioning that at this time, the cloth covering the cap is white.

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By 1870, European military forces began to use pith helmets

in colonies in tropical regions such as Africa and India. Military pith helmets are often decorated with feathers and ears. And its first major change occurred during the Zulu War, when the British found that wearing a white pith helmet made it easy for them to become conspicuous targets. So they began to dye with tea and later evolved into a khaki sun hat.

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British military sun hat made in the UK

In the 1930s, the pith helmet was transformed into a civilian life as a sunshade hat. The European powers believed that the sun in the colonies was extremely dangerous, and hats were often worn indoors to prevent the sun from penetrating the roof.

Neck curtain – a detail design that saves lives

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The civilian visor is different from the military helmet in that it has a rounded edge that gently slopes downwards, while the military helmet is more tapered. The headscarf, the ventilated hole and the chin rest are retained from the military design. A desirable design improvement is the “neck curtain” – a fabric that hangs behind the Stormtrooper Helmet for extra protection.

Neck curtain display on sun hat

Neck curtain – similar to the lower half of the now neck visor. The whole is a round cloth with an elliptical opening in the middle, which can be worn on the sun hat to cover the back of the neck and the side of the head.

The neck curtain is lighter. Dark green cloth enhances the cover of the face and provides extra protection to the eyes.

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This improved design was applied to the military sun hats that followed, and saved countless lives, because in the tropics, life-threatening is not bullets and spears, but the sun. European soldiers have experienced varying degrees of solar stroke and heat stroke in the tropics, and military sun hats can play a role in sun protection.

Neck curtain display on sun hat

Another problem for soldiers, diplomats, colonists and workers is tropical disease, the most deadly of which is yellow fever. Even today, in many tropical regions (especially Africa and South America), yellow fever remains a major problem.

Yellow fever originated in Africa and spread to South America through the slave trade in the 17th century. Since then, major outbreaks have occurred in the Americas, Africa and even Europe. The disease is caused by the yellow fever virus and is transmitted by female mosquito bites. Its mortality rate in the last century reached 85%.

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This sun hat with “neck curtains” prevents mosquito bites

The design of the “neck curtain” of the military sun hat is much better than that of the civilian sun hat and is widely used in various military forces. Today, this netted sun hat is more popular with hunters and fishermen.

A tropical helmet with neck curtains of the US Army in the late 1960s

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Over time, military sun hats began to use cork instead of wood pulp

But beyond that, until now, the design of the other parts has remained basically the same, but only in the UK. The African Army has its own version, and the French military sun hat style is used in Vietnam.


This military sun hat is still used by certain military units in the Commonwealth.

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In the UK, the Royal Marines still use the improved white-patterned Wolseley helmet (“Wolseley” Helmet) as part of their uniform. Since 1912, the helmet has been made of natural softwood, the style has always been covered with white cloth on the outside, green lining, with brass balls on the top, front badge and chin chain as decoration.

Parade of the Royal Marines in 1972

Insert a picture of the HMS Hermes (the “Hermes” in the old tide of the Chaos), the crew wearing a wooden helmet, and the words “HMS HERMES” are faintly recognized on the hat.

The Walsley Muscle Helmet is also part of the ceremonial uniform of the Canadian Army (such as the Royal Canadian Army and the Canadian Light Infantry of Princess Patricia). In addition, senior cadets at the Royal Military College of Canada wear a pith helmet for specific parades and special occasions.

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Prince Duke Philip of Edinburgh reviewed the 3rd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment.

Soldiers wearing a Walsley helmet

United States

Throughout the Second World War, unlike the British Walsley helmet, the US Marine Corps, the US Navy, and the US Army began using more economical compression fiber helmets. The two main producers are International Hat Company and Hawley Products Company.

American pressed fiber helmet design

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1945 American pressed fiber helmet (left) and British helmet (right) comparison chart

One of the most obvious differences between the two is that the top of the American hat has venting holes.


Similar to the British Home Service helmet, the Royal Dutch Army Garderegiment Fuseliers Prinses Irene Brigade and the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps uniform use a deep blue pith helmet.

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Dutch Royal Marines helmet

Other countries

Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer troops using the pith helmet as their main headwear, but one exception is a military force from Monaco, all adding up to 255 soldiers. Their main headdress evolved from the summer medieval knight helmet designed by France in 1878.

Monaco Sun Hat

Best Stormtrooper Helmet Buyer Guide

The Galactic Republic, the Galactic Empire, and the First Order have one thing in common. Their troops are made up of trained soldiers in white armor. It is no coincidence that each generation of combat troops has affected the suits of their successors.

However, the Republic’s Clone Force, the Empire’s stormtrooper and the First Order’s stormtroopers have their own unique attributes. Their recruitment process, training process, and degree of uniformity are inconsistent, and they convey different images to civilians in their respective viking helmet territories.

Although all three recruited human soldiers, it is clear that the Republic uses clones, their growth process is accelerated, and they have been trained on Kamino since birth. Even though the Imperial Stormtroopers were originally composed of clones, the Empire gradually began to recruit humans.

These enlisted human beings eventually became the core of the Imperial Armed Forces.

The similarity between the first order recruitment strategy and the Republic’s breeding program is that they are morally controversial. The only difference is that the first order is to identify future possible warriors and steal them from their homes when they are young. come out. Often, the empire that oppresses the people has the ironic possession of the fairest conscription system—they use volunteers who are voluntarily enlisted.

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Clone force

Another strange arrangement of fate is that among the three regimes, the Republic’s cloned forces have shown the strongest personality. The cloned soldiers were all equipped with calibration numbers, but each soldier was quickly nicknamed, which became their main source of identification. The real name of the empire recruited soldiers was also replaced by its serial number, and the first order of the stormtroopers did not know any other names except their respective numbers.

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Some of the soldiers in the first order did have nicknames

but the serious nature of their organization required them to use only numbers when they were on duty. In fact, the first-order stormtroopers were not allowed to take off their helmets without the permission of their superiors. The Imperial Stormtroopers are also faceless warriors whose personality is hidden under the helmet. On the other hand, the cloned army has the privilege of taking off the helmet, even during the battle. They have the same face, but they often use facial tattoos and unique hairstyles to distinguish them.

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By the end of the Clone Wars

the Republic’s forces had tailored different armor to specific units and units. The cloned force also often shows a unique personality. These soldiers often joke with each other during the break and even develop a certain degree of free will instead of obeying their genetic conditions. This anomaly also includes the cloning of the Slick, the betrayal of the Republic to the separatist forces, and Cut Lawquane’s decision to be a peasant, centered on the family. However, even the slicker and Carter Laukun still have attachment to their warrior compatriots. Clone soldiers often call each other “brothers” and develop friendship and loyalty with each other. When a soldier sacrifices in battle, the cloner will be discouraged by the loss of his compatriots. Even so, these well-trained fighters stick to their responsibilities and continue to fight.

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Imperial stormtroopers occupy “Tantive IV”

The policies of the Galaxy Empire and the First Order are in stark contrast to the Republican Army. They have no such friendship and personality, and their ordinary white armor is not customized. Their superiors instilled a unified concept into them. The empire’s training procedures emphasize that all squadrons’ tactical processes are identical. This way is very close to the brotherhood of the clones. When the stormtroopers fall in battle, their companions are often indifferent. The first order was determined to change the method and focus on training the soldiers’ resilience, but their soldiers were equally indifferent when they lost their companions, and the standard armor did not have any special decorative arkham knight helmet marks. These two points are similar to the Imperial Stormtroopers. The only soldier in the first order who showed sympathy and concern was Finn, who chose to abandon the life of the stormtroopers, and was thus identified as a traitor by his former companions.

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The people have different attitudes towards the members of these organizations

and the purpose of each unit is not the same. After the failure to quell dissent, the Grand Army of The Republic was formed to launch a full-scale war against separatist forces. Civilians loyal to the Republic regard the cloned forces as a good omen, from the Battle of Ryloth to the Twi’lek little girl and the cloned soldier Waxer and Boil. The interaction can be seen. The cloned man brought the hope of the Republic to the planet besieged by the separatist forces. Of course, this task was transformed after the execution of the 66th command of the gene, and the cloned army became the first Imperial stormtrooper.

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The first order stormtroopers assembled at the Starkiller Base

On the other hand, the stormtroopers caused fear and reverie of civilians in their jurisdiction. Before the outbreak of the large-scale Galaxy civil war, the Galaxy Empire used the assault troops to suppress the rebel group and fought the Rebel Alliance in a small area. The first-order stormtroopers also spread fears and initially fought against resistance groups in a small area, but the ultimate goal was to strengthen their own strength and reconquer the galaxy. Although the Republic’s cloned forces were considered noble in the Clone Wars, Command 66 revealed the same cruel qualities in their hearts as the Milky Way Empire and the First Order. This ruthlessness and hard work is mainly reflected in the killing of the Jedi Knights by the Clone Forces, the killing of the Luke Skywalker by the Imperial Stormtroopers and the first order of the stormtroopers in Tuanal (Tuanal). ) The massacre.

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The clones of the Galactic Republic, the stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire and the first-order stormtroopers have fascinating similarities and differences. Soldiers of the Republic’s army, in stark contrast to the seemingly inconsistent cloning heritage cool motorcycle helmets and rich history, are in stark contrast to the uniforms of the Galactic Empire and the first order. This is easy to understand, because the rule of the empire is far removed from the democracy of the Republic, and the infantry of the first order chose to imitate the Imperial Stormtroopers. However, although they were not wrong, most of the Republic’s clones also succumbed to the procedure of Command No. 66, and eventually found themselves to be the empire’s uncharacteristic stormtroopers.

Where to Buy Best Viking Helmet ?

When it comes to the Vikings, the first thing we think of is not the world’s first maritime hegemonic country, but the funny helmet. How did this helmet with two horns come from?

The Vikings had the practice of burying the deceased’s items, which left the archaeologists with a lot of physical relics about them. Unfortunately, few Viking helmet were well preserved and none of the samples found had horns. One explanation is that Viking helmets and angled drinking fountains may have been buried with the Vikings. When they were dug up by Victorian people, they assumed that the Viking helmets had horns.

The Economist gives a more credible claim that in the 19th century, other European countries had a strong interest in indigenous cultural traditions and cultural images. Folk songs, folk dances, and legendary stories – all of these things have been revived and praised. Where there is a gap in history, where the artist will use their imagination to reshape the tradition. Professor Carl Emil Doepler, the fashion designer of the German composer Wagner, first used the horn helmet in the “Nibrongen’s Ring” performed by Bayreuth. From this day on, the Vikings began to wear this Knight Helmet that they had never seen before.

Another similar example is Superman’s shorts.

Superman has worked hard on the earth for 75 years like a model worker. In the heart of the most powerful guy in the world, there must be a little regret, or inferiority. Regardless of whether the hero saves the beauty or the heroes, Mr. Superman has to wear that funny red shorts. Even if he saved the earth, his shorts are still the world’s jokes.

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So how did Superman get this ugly shorts initially?

Illustrators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster began creating Superman in 1932, and in 1938 Superman officially appeared in the famous action comic magazine of D.C. We are familiar with Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman are the model employees of this company. In the “golden age of comics” known as the United States (the 1930s to the mid-1950s), comic books were popular, and many of the most famous superheroes were born at that time.

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Where did Superman’s red shorts come from?

This is to start from the comic production process of that era: the comic authors at the time were all professional art illustrators, and the painting of the proportion of the human body and the outline of the action were very good. The heroes in the comics need to defeat the enemy like Bruce Lee, so they all wear tights, because the tights not only fully express the exaggerated movements of the anime hero, but also fit the production line of the comics, saving the author time.

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But the comics of the time often appeared in the newspapers in the form of weeks or months.

All the heroes were wearing tights, and each one was a tight-fitting hero who had a chest muscle. The reader could not remember who was who. In order to make the heroes familiar with each other, the author will use some segmentation or embellishment elements on the tights to distinguish the anime characters for the reader to identify and remember. In this way, our Superman got his red shorts (actually just the dividing line), and Batman got his mask (embellished elements).

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In an age when anime heroes are popular

readers’ attention is scarce resources. Who can win the attention of the reader, who can survive the anime hero. So even a super hero like Superman had to be wronged to wear this slightly funny “underpants”.




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Superman’s underwear and Viking’s helmet are

in the final analysis, the visual identity system of the era of comics industrialization and the stage film era. With this pair of panties, Superman is different from Flash, Iron Man and Green Lantern. The Viking helmets are also easy to distinguish them from North African pirates, Spanish pirates or Silesia pirates.



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In the movie “Superman: The Body of Steel”, Mr. Superman dangerously abandoned his red shorts. The director’s statement is “the new suit is to match the overall tone of the film.” But this makes him look like he is streaking (the Superman without red shorts, red cloak, S logo will be nothing). In the TV series “The Legend of Viking”, the Vikings did not wear a horn helmet. This is good for Superman, Viking Pirates, and it is a business venture for custom motorcycle helmets.