Where To Buy The Best Bike Helmet?

The importance of bike helmet is the number one of all the protective gears, and choosing a quality bike helmet is also essential. At this time, many people will say, bike helmet is not all that long, what difference can be used?

This is like XTR and astronaut helmet. It doesn’t look much different in appearance, but performance and price are far apart. Manufacturers are not liar, at least most of them are not. Although mid-to-high-end products are not worth a penny, expensive ones are definitely better than cheap ones.

The high-quality helmet not only shows

the avant-garde shape and the bright coating, but also the good wearing comfort, but also the actual protective performance, through the solid shell, the unique internal cushioning design, so that your head is affected.

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Minimize to the smallest, which is the difference between different price helmets.

Safety and technology have nothing to do, so it is best to buy a helmet in one step, buy protective gear without step-by-step, according to your spending power. Buy the best helmet you can afford, because the helmet is no better than your head!

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The choice of helmet is roughly two-step

The first step is to choose the helmet that suits your riding strength. This is easy to understand. You can’t wear a full helmet to press the road, nor wear an XC helmet to go downhill. Now let’s see how to choose the right helmet.

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From light to heavy, let’s talk about half helmets

Half helmets have many advantages. In addition to being lightweight, ventilated and heat-dissipating, the most important thing is that the vision is good, and you can also get a gentleman’s frame anytime, anywhere.

However, from XC to Trail, to AM and Enduro, even half helmets will have a focus on strength, protection and weight.

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XC helmets focus on lightweight, breathable, aerodynamic design

while AM ​​and Enduro’s helmets focus on strength and protection, the most obvious being the protection of the back of the head, so the weight of the helmet will increase; Trail and lightweight AM The riding strength is between the first two, and the helmet is also in the middle between the two.

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When you encounter complicated

difficult, and terrible road conditions, the full helmet must be your best friend! For a fierce mountain slope, a full-face helmet is essential to protect your entire head from damage.

I have seen too many tragedies, including myself, so don’t be lucky. God is with you, and the devil is also.

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The external indicators of the full helmet can be selected from materials

weights, cushioning materials, heat dissipation design, and the like.

At present, the low-end full-face helmets on the market mostly use plastic casings, which are relatively easy to break; the mid-end products use glass fiber materials, which are high in strength but not light in weight; while the high-end products use lighter and stronger carbon fiber materials.

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The difference between weight and price is generated here

In addition to the outer casing, more and more brands are beginning to work on the inner-filled foam of the full-face helmet, using special manufacturing techniques to disperse and reduce the shock during impact, greatly reducing the impact on the head.

The lining design of the helmet is also very important, and the wrapping and comfort comes from here. Good wrapping improves the protection of the head and keeps the helmet stable during violent bumps.

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In addition, the heat dissipation design is especially important for the full face helmet

especially in the summer heat, the helmet with good comfort and heat dissipation can make you feel at ease, enjoy the ride, not remember to arrive. After the end point, quickly pick off the “tired” on the head.

The choice of a full-helmet is not to be ignored. It is the compatibility of the neck guard, because not all full-face helmets can be applied to the neck.

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The principle of protecting the neck from the neck

is to rely on the back of the neck and the friction material behind the full helmet to create a strong friction to prevent the head from leaning back. So you should pay attention to this detail before buying a full helmet.

In addition to the traditional helmets, some brands have opened their minds and introduced detachable helmets such as Bell and power rangers samurai helmet. It is divided into two parts: the helmet body (half helmet) and the lower jaw.

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It is fixed by a special buckle and becomes

a full helmet after being assembled. This design is very practical for riders who encounter multiple road conditions throughout the day.

Just talked about the external hardware configuration, now it is said that the inner soft package. The second step in choosing a helmet is to match your head shape. Most players tend to focus on the head circumference when buying a helmet, but in fact this is not enough.

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Just like each person has a different face shape

there are melon seeds and peach faces. Similarly, the human head shape is also divided into “melon seeds” or “peach”, then the helmet will naturally have a narrow design when designing.

Many of the current helmet brands are from Europe and the United States, and designers will naturally design by their own standards. As we all know, the heads of European and American people are narrower, and the heads of Asians are more round.

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So many friends will find that when they try on the helmet, even if they buy according to the head circumference standard, they are not necessarily comfortable to wear, and this is the root cause.

If your helmet doesn’t fit your head shape, not only will comfort be reduced, but stability and protection will also decrease. At present, many big brands are also optimizing the head shape design of the helmet in order to promote the leather football helmet market. However, it is best to try on the helmet before purchasing the helmet, especially the full helmet.