Top 11 Football Helmet For You

American football with football helmet, the intuitive feeling is two words: barbaric!Yes, I am not denying this as a person who has participated in the sport and is committed to promoting the sport.But the football helmet intricate tactical game behind the barbarism and the amazing athletic ability of the outstanding athletes in the NFL, I think this is the charm of the sport. So, before you figure out the football helmet situation, don’t judge!

Top 11 Football Helmet

9/10Adult Football Helmet
9/10Youth F7
8/10Adult with Facemask
9/10Speed Full Size Authentic
9/10Youth SpeedFlex Painted
7/10Youth Custom
9/10Youth Football Helmet with Facemask
8/10Sports Varsity Vengeance Pro
9/10Sports VTD II
9/10Philadelphia Eagles
9/10Icon Adult

The history of American football, the difference between the British and the British, I don’t want to talk nonsense. Everyone has google, and the long and cumbersome article is that people are dizzy. I use the easiest way to introduce the pith helmet sport to everyone.

1.Adult Football Helmet

First, on what venue does American football play?The standard American football field is a rectangular grass field, both real grass and artificial turf.

There are opposite tuning forks on both sides of the field. Why do you use it for a while?
The domestic standard rugby venue, I only saw it at the NFLX event of Beihang University. There are yards with yards and quite a lot of effort.
but! It is estimated that there is no more now, and the NFLX activity is estimated to be demolished (I guess)
So we usually have a football field to play.

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2.Youth F7

Second, what are these gangs + madmen doing? Namely: How to win?American football is a sport that is very close to marching. The goal of the attacker is to push the ball to the end zone at one end of the field to get the score.
The offense team has 4 chances per round of offense. If you successfully advance more than 10 yards in 4 chances, you will get a new round of offensive opportunities (4 push opportunities), and another team on the field will be sent to the defensive team. Try to stop them from pushing 10 yards.

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3.Adult with Facemask

If the 4 chances are not successful the ball will be pushed more than 10 yards, and the offense and defense will be converted. The A team’s offensive team was replaced by the defensive team, the B team’s defensive team was replaced by the offensive team, and the B team began to attack.

1. If the attacker advances the ball to the end zone at one end of the field by continuous advancement, it is called “Touchdown” and scores 6 points. After the touchdown, you can have an opportunity to score additional points. You can choose to score 1 point or 2 points.

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4.Speed Full Size Authentic

2. If the attacker continues to advance after the third attack of the offense, it is still far from the next round of 10 yards, but if you are not far from the goal, you can choose Field Goal. The goal was 3 points.
3. There is also a scoring method called Safety, which is scored by the defensive team. If the defensive team attacks the offensive team, they will hold the player in the end zone on the offensive side, or from the end zone. If the bottom line is forced, the defending team will score 2 points.

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5.Youth SpeedFlex Painted

Basically, is it still not understood? It doesn’t matter, look at the ball and you will understand! 1.2 The Branch and Evolution of American Football Movement

American football has evolved into many branches through years of development. Canadian football and Australian football are not here. We are less likely to be exposed. (I will tell you that I have not specifically understood the preface & helmet. select)
There are several types of American football that we can reach:

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6.Youth Custom

A. Flag football In the game the flag football is tied with a belt on the waist, and a cloth is attached to the cloth. The defending team pulls the cloth off during the defense process, even if the defense is successful, the attacking team is from the place where the cloth is pulled off. Start the next round of offense. It is also the rule of four yards to advance more than 10 yards.
But unfortunately, the flag has no offensive line and defensive line competition, the charm of the whole game is greatly reduced!

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7.Youth Football Helmet with Facemask

B. Indoor football Arena Football has only begun to develop in China in the past two years but the AFL official is really willing to save money. On November 10 last year, the All-Star Show Competition was held at the Capital Gymnasium, and a cooperative relationship was established with six sports universities in China, providing free player equipment and providing venues for some sports institutes. If you are lucky enough to be a student of a physical hospital, join the AFL!

Although AFL is also a fully equipped rugby match, the venue is indoors (this is no nonsense), and the AFL venue is very small, only 1/4 of the standard field, the rules have some changes, not much to say here. Now, you can go to Youku and search the video to see the rules.

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8.Sports Varsity Vengeance Pro

But unfortunately, the AFL competition is 8-person with only 3 players on each side, and there is basically no online competition.

C.Touch football
Touch rugby, personal feeling is one of the best ways to get into 11-a-side full-equipped rugby.
From the equipment point of view, there are two shoes with a ball and a field to play.
In terms of rules, the same 11-person system also has the concept of offensive line and defensive line. With both hands in contact with the player, or one-handed ass foreword & helmet selection as a defensive success.

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9.Sports VTD II

As a familiar familiarity with the rules and preliminary experience of rugby it is a very good starting point and one of the means of training tactics for some equipment teams.

Increased online competition, so that the Touch game is closer to the real equipment football, but because there is no helmet protection, please pay attention to safety when playing, don’t greet your face!

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10.Philadelphia Eagles

Where can I buy equipment?Websites that are familiar to everyone, such as Meiya, 6pm, STP…all! ! Ebay? There are some sellers selling second-hand, the new model is generally incomplete color size!
Buy these things on the website of professional sports equipment, recommend a few:
SPORTS Unlimited has a variety of sports equipment, all categories, but popular products often break the code out of stock and the national card support is not friendly, the speed is slow.
FOOTBALL AMERICAN is a website of Team Express. This series has a special online store for various products and star wars stormtrooper helmet. It has general support for national cards, has been hacked, has not everything, and occasionally has a god price. Speed ​​OK

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11.Icon Adult

Chapter II Selection of American Football Equipment 2.1 Head equipment.The choice of head gear is divided into four parts: helmet shell, mask, chin strap, goggles, braces.
2.1.1 Helmet shell (Helmet)

The two famous brands of helmets are Riddell and Schutt, and some small brands such as Xenith and Rawlings are not very popular.

The helmet is available in a variety of sizes (XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL) and can selected by measuring the head circumference.

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But I still swear by everyone, if you have the chance, find a teammate with equipment to try it, or the best way to choose a size. Because different brands, even different models of the same brand, the same size is completely different. Buy back the face, press the temple, the top of the brain ~ ~ This equipment will be very painful to play with the ball, playing the game for a while, the blood tank directly turned red! So please best find a local team and try the actual equipment! !

Another: Although I have added a product link at the request of a small series, please don’t worry about buying it before watching the full series!
Because the choice of equipment is not that simple! A helmet should consider all aspects (my damn Virgo foreword & star wars stormtrooper helmet choice) Please be patient, read it later!

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