Give You A Reliable List To Pick 4K TV

The Internet 4K TV industry has stirred up the situation. Many 4k tv Internet newcomers have crossed the Internet to engage in Internet 4k TV. Many high-tech 4K, HDR, and curved surfaces have been pulled down from the altar and become more popular. Nowadays, there is no 4K technology for buying a TV. It is like a product that has been eliminated. After 4K became the technology of rotten streets, how to choose a suitable TV in a market with different levels, what is the embarrassment?

In addition to the need for image quality display technology and sound quality technology, there is content richness, etc. Of course, long-term viewing of TV, eye fatigue problems can not be ignored, the market to promote anti-Blu-ray TV eye protection is really useful?

1.SunBriteTV SE 43-Inch Weatherproof best 4k tv

Cool open 55A3 with ultra-thin body + floating frameless design, all-metal integrated body abandoned the industry’s uniform silver-gray color, and bold choice of lower-constrained dark gray, with the screen under the border of linen decoration The combination of materials, natural and minimalist affinity, paved the linen fabric and metal fuselage bridge deck. This design undoubtedly improved the luxury of the entire TV, and the grade was suddenly upgraded.

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2.Sony XBR55X930E 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 4k tv deals

Also equipped with 4K enamel engine and DN picture noise reduction technology, support HDR and MEMC dynamic image quality compensation. Cool Open 55A3 As the new generation leader in the “Big Content” program, while relying on the iQiyi massive resources support, along with the arrival of its system, Cool Open 6.0, the waterfall flow UI will be “multiple, precise and accurate”. “The three core values ​​are brought to the extreme, providing users with tailored content output.

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3.Samsung QN55Q8F Flat 55” QLED 4K 4k hdr tv

Author’s comment: Cool Open 55A3 inherits the outstanding characteristics of “predecessors”, and at the same time innovatively joins the anti-Blu-ray eye-protection mode, and collects more children’s educational programs on the content. Parents do not have to entangle the harmful effects of TV on children’s vision. What should I do during the summer vacation when the bear child is arguing and watching TV? Buy a cool open 55A3 to accompany him.

The Thunderbird I55-UI features a new all-in-one design with no visible holes in the exterior.

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4.Music Computing MCLCDTTV55024k best 4k tv for gaming

Thanks to the MEMC motion enhancement technology available in Thunderbird I55-UI, the image is very smooth and natural when displaying dynamic images. Thunderbird I55-UI uses an all-ecological HDR platform to support mainstream HDR standards including HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG.

At the same time, Thunderbird I55-UI also has MEMC, laptops zero-blinking, anti-Blu-ray eye protection and other technologies, completely bid farewell to the picture jitter, flicker, blue light and other issues. Thunderbird I55-UI has a Conchs sound system that combines hardware and software. The inverted speaker design makes the sound layered better and the sound is more natural.FFUI uses network acceleration technology to provide a fast experience for both watching video and content search. The diamond-designed UI interface is more dynamic.

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5.Hisense 100-inch 4K Ultra HD 4k tv reviews

In short, no matter how you look at it.Author’s comment: Thunderbird I55-U has shown a unique place in many aspects, integrated design, hollow base. The all-ecological HDR platform, QUHD Turbo quality engine, and the immersive Conchs sound system. Massive content, high-performance hardware, speed operation, and intelligent interaction are also very picky.

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6.LG Electronics 65SK9500PUA 65-Inch 4k 3d tv

The TCL A730U TV has a strong black design, a 55-inch screen and an ultra-HD 4K resolution. Comes with Android 5.0 operating system, bringing simple and intelligent, colorful home entertainment experience.

The TCL A730U TV uses all-ecological HDR technology to provide more dynamic range and image detail, resulting in higher brightness and dynamic range, wider color gamut, and brighter and darker details.

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7.VIZIO 74.54 Inches 4K Smart LED TV cheap 4k tv

TCL’s product uses RG phosphor high color domain LED backlight, high purity new red green powder + rich filter, the backlight purity is higher, the color reproduction is better, the color is more layered.

TCL A730U built-in Android 5.0 system, fully supports 64-bit processor, making the task run more smoothly.It can basically meet the viewing needs of most people, and the subdivided video zones are more convenient to find.

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8.Philips 65″ Class 4K UHD (2160p) smallest 4k tv

Author’s comment: The control experience is only for a smoother viewing, and a good viewing experience requires excellent image quality. Equipped with a high-performance 30-core 64-microprocessor chip, the 28MM process has greatly improved the performance of its core indicators. It has powerful computing, image, and audio processing capabilities, and the civilian price is even more loved.

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9.Toshiba REGZA Cinema Series 46XV545U 4k ultra hd tv

Philips has added a special polarizer and color filter between the backlight and the glass to filter out the harmful blue light of 380~450nm wavelength. For this reason, the technology has also obtained the authority certification of the professional blue light testing organization.

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10.TCL 65R617 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD best budget 4k tv

Philips 55PUF6631/T3 TV has built-in Philips TV’s image quality enhancement technology “4K Ruiteng Core”, which has powerful and fast image processing capabilities, can automatically optimize the type of video / image signals, improve clarity and color performance .

Author’s comment: Philips 55PUF6631/T3 TV has a 55-inch panel with 4K resolution.

TV, while enjoying high-definition picture quality, the anti-blue eye protection problem also needs attention.

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