I Will Choose These Popular Mobile Phones

Phones From the beginning of this year to the fourth quarter, all brands of smart phones are coming out in succession.Phones especially at the end of the year. Not only do new machines with high prices and high standards, but also flagship machines for business people, and AI photos that are not asking for people.

God machine, or chasing the most popular large-capacity battery phone of the game fans, the overall design gradually goes to the aesthetics of the art, the innovative features and uses are more vivid, and interestingly, these smart phones have a common point of carrying more High-tech components such as core processor, large-size screen, high-resolution screen and built-in AI artificial intelligence chip are indispensable.

1.Huawei Mate SE Factory Unlocked 5.93 straight talk phones

Among them, the neural network engine technology of AI machine computing learning ability is especially important for future camera image processing and AR. The game situation is even more powerful. In addition, even for the specific use to create amazing new goods, such as the ROG Phone that redefines the mobile game experience, the telescopic lens phone that balances the screen ratio and the powerful photography, always comes back. Said that the application service is more comprehensive and intelligent!

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2.Samsung Galaxy S9 Unlocked Smartphone blu phones

Smart phones are an irreplaceable necessities for most consumers, and they are also very familiar with the performance specifications. However, the smart phone models on the market are full of choices, and they are selected as a university. A function that is not to be advertised is similar, or a variety of types are too numerous to enumerate. It is inevitable that it is difficult to choose and has no clue.

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3.Essential Phone 128 GB Unlocked android phones

This time, NOVA Intelligence has specially compiled more than a dozen innovative and sleek smart phones, and they are classified into one another. Lined up, and divided into three flagship innovation kings, self-timer beauty machine and monster-level power category according to the main features and the strongest functions, let the consumers filter the doubts and carefully select the most suitable ones. Defining the phone!”

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4.Nokia 7.1 – Android One – 64 GB total wireless phones

Flagship Innovation King: In addition to the top-notch design and performance specifications, the flagship machine can also play new tricks? This year’s flagship trump card has come up with innovative research and development concepts and craft elements, not only differentiated from the previous generation of models, but also launched a unique product in the market. Of course, the inside also once to the top of the position, let users feel upgraded .

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5.Apple iPhone 6 64GB Factory Unlocked mobile phones

Self-timer US-style machine: AI smart phone camera has become a trend, regardless of the age of men, women and children as long as one machine is in hand, that is, the film is recorded infinitely, under the help of the “AI artificial intelligence” learning neural engine, today, the main focus of the camera function Mobile phones have sprung up. With the portrait mode and various scene recognition bonuses, everyone can easily take a more beautiful, more natural depth of field and natural beauty photos, so that you can take shortcuts to the network red, net The beauty of the world.

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6.Moto G6 – 32 GB – Unlocked best buy phones

Monster-class power: Although the flagship mobile phone has powerful performance, the battery capacity mostly falls within 4000 mAh. If you want to keep the mobile game uninterrupted, the Luhan good drama and the strong carousel do not stop and aim at the full-powered 4000mAh mobile phone. ! It combines long, fast, long-lasting and safe features, plus a smart battery management system to bring you long-term companionship around the clock~

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7.Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 32GB ROM + 3GB RAM cheap phones

This year, Apple has no innovative changes in its exterior design compared to the previous generation of iPhone X. It continues the previous bangs Face ID face recognition login and payment application, and cancels the Touch ID physical button. It is worthy of attention to join the large size ranks. The iPhone XS Max with 6.5-inch Super Retina OLED screen adds gold, and under the glass back panel, it also accentuates the warm and elegant texture.

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8.Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium 5.8″ Screen Unlocked best android phones

It is equipped with medical grade stainless steel frame and unique color treatment process. The overall color is close to the metal color. In addition, A new generation of iPhone equipped with the latest A12 Bionic processor and enhanced machine learning eight-core neural network engine, bringing 5 megabits per second of computing power, for the future use of portrait mode shooting, AR gaming applications, portrait camera features Can adjust the aperture value after the system to create the effect of bokeh and depth of field, and add dual card dual standby, upgrade to IP68 dustproof and waterproof level.

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9.Google Pixel 3 XL (2018) G013C 64GB compare phones

ASUS aimed at e-sports mobile game players to create ROG Phone mobile phones and surrounding Daquan, is to let game fans enjoy a smooth first-class gaming experience all the time! Equipped with a highly recognizable cool appearance, it can be customized with a flashing backlight and a different material machine. At first glance, it looks like an equestrian machine. The front is the sixth generation of Corning Gorilla 2.5D glass.

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10.Blackberry Q10 SQN100-3 16GB best buy unlocked phones

Inch AMOLED large screen, support 90Hz high update rate and HDR color rendering, the visual effect is quite bright and excellent, the internal high-speed Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, with Adreno 630 GPU and 8GB RAM, buried in the ROG GameCool System cooling system To ensure high-efficiency operation to enhance the cooling and cooling effect, but also retains 3.5mm headphone jack and has dual Type-C charging, which can be used with TwinView Dock dual-screen, eat chicken and play the game with doubled!

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11.Porsche Design Huawei Mate 20 RS best phones

This time, it also emphasizes the AI ​​side control function.  Intuitive natural operation.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the most flagship machine king. The most praised by users is the convenience of S Pen. This new generation is really a “pen”. It not only adds low-power Bluetooth technology, but also presses the pen.

Recently, the secret secret weapon of the net red net beauty is this Mito T9!

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12.Apple iPhone XS Max 6.5″ phones for sale

Huawei nova series is a self-timer for young people and lovers. The latest model nova 3 uses 3D hyperboloid glass on a 6.3-inch full-screen screen. The 4k tv back sides are designed in a curved shape and the whole machine is about 166 grams. It is a lightweight grip. Recognizing faces in a dimly lit environment is a significant help. Therefore, let Huawei print a poster-level self-portrait slogan. Self-timer can directly print 2×1.5-meter posters. In addition, nova 3 also applies AI to self-timer.

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The front and rear lenses are single-lens design with 23 million main cameras and 8 million pixels. Auxiliary photo performance and creative freedom. Among them, the 60 million high pixel mode uses European professional imaging technology to synthesize multi-frame photos. Even if the magnification is 22 times, the details are still clear, which can greatly increase the flexibility of post-production.

“Hanging Drip” renews the phone. In addition, Xiaomi MAX 3 even supports reverse charging for fast charging of other electronic devices.

Nowadays, everyone is pursuing a situation where the bigger the screen, the better, the longer the battery life is. The smart phone with high-performance, high-performance and cost-effective is the king.

Endurance and play games are also sustainable and idle for 5.5 hours. Whether it is a scorpion or an entertainment addiction, the Turbo fire is fully open.

Although the red rice 6 Pro has only 5.84 inches, it has a screen aspect ratio of 19:9.

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