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Leather armor is the key to life-saving for the soldiers leather armor of the Cold War era. Although leather armor in some regimes and times, armor is uniformly distributed by the government, most of the warlords in history still have to own armor and weapons. So if a soldier can freely choose from the world’s armor, and at the same time the pocket is limited. So how do you choose and match armor to achieve the highest price/performance ratio?

It is one of the ethnic minorities with a long history and a wide distribution. Due to historical reasons, the Yi people are still at the stage of the development of slavery society, with a strict hierarchy and the implementation of the slavery system of personal possession.

1.Armor Venue – Dark Elven Leather

In the pre-Qin period and before, the Liangshan area has entered a class-based society. With the use of metal weapons, “Historical Records”, “Han Shu” and “Han Han Shu” are recorded.

Nanzhao State is the most powerful local political power in the southwest of the Tang Dynasty. It is a country established by the Bai people (historical white man) and the Yi people (Uman). The white man is the upper ruling class and the Wu Man is the warrior class. The ancestors of the Yi people were very brave and very barbaric to the other side of the war. The training of the Wuman army “Every year, eleventh, December, the agricultural harvest is completed, the soldiers Cao Changxing documents in the territory of the Zhucheng Village, each according to the four army, set people to test the sword armorwaist knife. Know the sharp, one thing is guilty. ”(19th century) Yi warrior

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2.Armor Venue Leather Scale Armor Set

The Liangshan Yi people’s leather armor is used by the warriors in the ancient ancestors of the Yi nationality. It is made of rhino skin, elephant skin and wild cowhide. The leather armor is the ancient and precious body-protecting costume of the Yi people. It is one of the earliest cultural relics preserved by the Yi people and one of the most valuable cultural and cultural studies.

According to the national belief that the Yi people divide the world into male and female, the Yi people divide the leather armor into male and female. The “male” armor is mainly red, bright and dazzling, and the “female” armor is dominated by black, solemn and solemn.

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3.Armor Venue Leather Brigandine (Coat of Plates Armour) – Black

Both armor are decorated with patterns such as horn pattern, fish bone pattern, geometric pattern and yin and yang taiji pattern. It is said that the main animal of the leather armor is decorated with dragons, surrounded by arrows and decorated with colorful clouds.

Its meaning is: Long Yu was sent by the gods to the world, helping the armor master to defeat the enemy, preventing spears and arrows, and blessing the armored people to peace and victory. The leather armor concentrates on the characteristics and essence of the Yi people’s lacquer ware.

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4.Costume Party Heart Men’s Classic Casual

The exquisite lacquer painting process still maintains the traditional black, red and yellow colors of the Yi lacquerware. In the concept of the Yi people, black represents dignity and dignity, red symbolizes courage and enthusiasm, and yellow represents beauty and light. Therefore, the Yi people’s leather armor is not only highly artistic, but also contains rich cultural connotations.

In the society at the time, being able to have a pair of leather armor was the pride of the individual and the family. The Yi people worship the skin armor and believe that it can also protect the family and the individual’s peace. Therefore, before going out to fight, they often sacrifice their skin armor and pray for their blessing. Usually do not arbitrarily place it.

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5.Brigandine Armor Leather Warrior Costume SCA LARP Knight Fantasy

and you can’t take it out at will, and it strictly forbid to touch it. When the New Year is over or the family is sick, ask for their priest and pray for blessing. It can see that the leather armor is not only one of the self-defense tools of the ancient war of the Yi people, but also a symbol of wealth and privilege, and also one of the symbols of ancestor worship.

For a recruit who is new to the market and lacks funds, there is not much room for choice. A better choice the lower cost of textile armor and paper. The materials of these two armor basically make of cheaper materials. Although in terms of defensive power, cotton armor and paper armor can not compare with armor.

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6.NAUTICALMART Medieval Roman Leather

but the defensive performance is also fairly pertinent. Among the best, such as the cotton carapace made by Lee’s North Korea in the 19th century. According to the US military records at the time of “Xin Weiyang”, the North Korean cotton carapace can be bulletproof even at a certain distance. Of course, Lee’s North Korean cotton has a higher cost. The lower-priced cotton armor is worth looking forward to in resisting the sword’s slashing, the distant flow, and the spear of the gun and spear from the hit to the abrasion.

If you have a little more hand, consider installing a set of European medieval soldiers to protect your arms. The defensive power of the guard of course limite relative to the armor. However, if used properly, it can provide some protection when dealing with slashing.

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7.Medieval Leather Muscle Armor Cuirass Set 

At least it can avoid “amputation”. If the wallet limite, you can’t afford an iron helmet. For the protection of the head, you can consider wearing a textile helmet. Textile helmets usually shape outside the helmet with iron bars and then embedded with textiles. There is such a helmet, when you stand on the ground and slash the enemy cavalry saber, it may be a life of nine deaths. But no, it’s just ten dead and no life…

When you are lucky enough to live through the most dangerous wars, from recruits to veterans, and you have saved some money for yourself, how to deploy weapons is better? In this case, the most important thing to consider is to set up an iron helmet for yourself. On the battlefield, the danger of the head is often the biggest. In addition to the arrow rain falling from the sky.

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8.Medieval Roman Leather Muscle Cuirass Armor Set 

in the infantry, especially when both sides use weapons such as spears, they often use the spear to pat each other and use the gun to scratch the enemy. You don’t want to be bloody without opening a fight? How do you face the next sting confrontation? Therefore, the common Chinese helmets, as well as European helmets and high-top helmets, are good choices.

Of course, if you want to use limite money, the equipment for the whole body will  upgrade slightly. Then you can choose to increase the choice of leather helmet + chest plate or Japanese cage. Speaking of leather helmets, many people will immediately think of the strange helmets with spires on the heads used by the Germans in the early days of World War I. But in fact, leather helmets have a long history. For example, in the pre-Qin period of China.

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9.Armor Venue Roman Leather Subarmalis

a large number of leather helmets equippe. The leather helmet make in a similar way to the leather armor. It  process by stacking the layers of leather and finally painted. The defensive power of the leather helmet is naturally higher than that of the textile helmet, but its weight will be heavier. But the flamboyant colors of lacquered leather make them sometimes even more popular than iron helmets.

For example, the 13th-century Egyptian Mamluks mainly equip with leather helmets instead of iron helmets. In this respect, the leather helmet looks more gorgeous, and on the other hand, under the sun, the leather helmet will not grill like an iron helmet.

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10.Armor Venue: Leather Brigandine Body Plate Armour 

Some people may ask, isn’t it expensive? Why do you recommend a breastplate? In fact, the chestplates that were popular in the European infantry in the 16th and 17th centuries belonged to a relatively cheap armor. For example, in the 17th century, in the European armor manufacturing center Graz.

a breastplate needs 5 florins, and a set of infantry armor consisting of breastplates and skirts requires a total of 7 florins. In the same period, a skilled local craftsman, the average salary for a month is about 5 florins. Of course, this is the ex-factory price, and the retail price is definitely higher, but it is also affordable for a veteran of the blood.

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The reason why the chest plate is relatively cheap is that under the condition of hydraulic hammer

the manufacturing time of the armor is actually lower than that of the lock armor and the Zaga, so it is convenient for rapid mass production. The body plate is expensive because of various accessories and joints. But the opposite, cheap chest full face motorcycle helmets plate also has some safety hazards. For example, some may repaire and polished from the chest plate that has fall from the dead, and then re-sold, or an apprentice-made counterfeit. The former will not only bring psychological shadows, but also have a more serious problem with the latter. Because the forged unqualified, repaired chest plate, it is likely that the face is uneven or weak, which will make the chest plate become very vulnerable when it hit. Therefore, if you can’t have a high degree of forensic ability, after buying a breastplate, it is best to wear the previous textile armor instead of the inner lining.

The Japanese cage is a kind of chain armor

which an arm armor make of stitches and iron bars. This armor protection area is much larger than the European arm guard. However, the locks attach to the iron pieces in Japan are relatively fragile, but they use to make the arm resistant to slashing, which consider to be unsatisfactory. In particular, the protection of the arm is generally provided by a piece of iron with a folding angle, so the defense is basically reliable.

If you succeed further on the battlefield, when you are a captain or an elite player, the choice of armor will increase further. This is a protection against the body. A better choice is the chain armor or the cloth armor. Compared with the lock armor, the chain armor has further improved defense, and in hot areas, the chain plate armor is relatively cooler than the plate armor. Moreover, if you think that the high-end chain plate is more expensive, you can also choose to replace the iron piece with thick leather like the Philippine chain plate.

And the cloth face is also a good choice

The iron armor of the iron-lined sheet is cheaper and lighter than the armor of the same protective area. Because of the considerable cost and weight of the Sapporo, it comes from the leather cord of the preparation of the nail piece. Moreover, as long as the leather cord which easily cut off, the surface of the fabric is not subject to large damage, and it is hardly necessary to carry out special care. Therefore, although the armor of the cloth does not look as dazzling as the Zappa, it is also a very affordable and convenient armor. And with the armor armor of the Ming Dynasty side army better!

Finally, when you become an officer or general’s pro-military guard, you naturally have the financial resources to choose the best iron armor of your time. But what is to  say is that although heavy-duty locks and Zaga, their defensive power is considerable. But correspondingly, they are also longer to make. Especially the lock, a well-made superior lock, is often not cheaper than the plate.

The heavy-duty beggars are not only expensive, but the weight mostly concentrate on the shoulders and waist, so the physical exertion of people is higher than the plate armor. Moreover, these two armor often have very fine maintenance and rust removal on the nail piece and the nail ring.

Of course

if the financial and technical strengths met, a set of 16th-century workmanship with a certain bullet-proof body plate, you deserve! Basically, you can immunize all cold weapons attacks, even the early firearms can be a few times! But it’s not good to burn too much. The enemy and the other are waiting for you to die.

In general, the choice and development of armor, although it is itself subject to cultural differences. But after all, the biggest factor is whether they are cost-effective on the battlefield. As the saying goes, “If you don’t choose expensive, you can only choose the right one.” Only by truly choosing the right armor weapon can you guarantee that you have the greatest possibility on the battlefield, and you can make a name for yourself.

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