Top 9 Special Gaming PC – Buyer Guides

Do you have the feeling of spending a lot of games because of a machine that is too slow and obsolete? (Battlefield, battlefront 2, assasin ‘s creed, …) Your old machine does not hold the road? Chromehelmet is here to remedy this annoying problem and offer PC Gaming for all budgets and all desires. It’s … Continue reading Top 9 Special Gaming PC – Buyer Guides

Top 11 Football Helmet For You

American football with football helmet, the intuitive feeling is two words: barbaric!Yes, I am not denying this as a person who has participated in the sport and is committed to promoting the sport.But the football helmet intricate tactical game behind the barbarism and the amazing athletic ability of the outstanding athletes in the NFL, I … Continue reading Top 11 Football Helmet For You

Pith Helmet Buyer Guide

Vietnamese soldier wearing a green helmet.The green helmet on the head of the Vietnamese soldiers has always been well known. It was after the Second World War that the communist dynasty and later the Vietnamese People‚Äôs Army were based on the design of the former colonial power, the French helmet. In retrospect, these Stormtrooper Helmet … Continue reading Pith Helmet Buyer Guide