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The Galactic Republic, the Galactic Empire, and the First Order have one thing in common. Their troops are made up of trained soldiers in white armor. It is no coincidence that each generation of combat troops has affected the suits of their successors.

However, the Republic’s Clone Force, the Empire’s stormtrooper and the First Order’s stormtroopers have their own unique attributes. Their recruitment process, training process, and degree of uniformity are inconsistent, and they convey different images to civilians in their respective viking helmet territories.

Top 7 Stormtrooper Helmet

9/10TK Commander Blue Variant
9/10First Order Stormtrooper
9/10Star Wars Ep3
9/10The Force Awakens ANOVOS
8/10The Force Awakens Black Squadron
9/10Rogue One Imperial ANOVOS
8/10Star Wars Imperial Shock Trooper Stormtrooper

Although all three recruited human soldiers, it is clear that the Republic uses clones, their growth process is accelerated, and they have been trained on Kamino since birth. Even though the Imperial Stormtroopers were originally composed of clones, the Empire gradually began to recruit humans.

1.TK Commander Blue Variant

These enlisted human beings eventually became the core of the Imperial Armed Forces. The similarity between the first order recruitment strategy and the Republic’s breeding program is that they are morally controversial. The only difference is that the first order is to identify future possible warriors and steal them from their homes when they are young. come out. Often, the empire that oppresses the people has the ironic possession of the fairest conscription system—they use volunteers who are voluntarily enlisted.

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2.First Order Stormtrooper

Clone force Another strange arrangement of fate is that among the three regimes, the Republic’s cloned forces have shown the strongest personality. The cloned soldiers all equip with calibration numbers, but each soldier quickly nickname, which became their main source of identification. The real name of the empire recruite soldiers also replace by its serial number, and the first order of the stormtroopers did not know any other names except their respective numbers.

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3.Star Wars Ep3

Some of the soldiers in the first order did have nicknames but the serious nature of their organization required them to use only numbers when they were on duty. In fact, the first-order stormtroopers not allow to take off their helmets without the permission of their superiors. The Imperial Stormtroopers are also faceless warriors whose personality  hide under the helmet. On the other hand, the cloned army has the privilege of taking off the helmet, even during the battle. They have the same face, but they often use facial tattoos and unique hairstyles to distinguish them.

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4.The Force Awakens ANOVOS

By the end of the Clone Wars the Republic’s forces had tailored different armor to specific units and units. The cloned force also often shows a unique personality. These soldiers often joke with each other during the break and even develop a certain degree of free will instead of obeying their genetic conditions. This anomaly also includes the cloning of the Slick, the betrayal of the Republic to the separatist forces, and Cut Lawquane’s decision to be a peasant, centered on the family. However, even the slicker and Carter Laukun still have attachment to their warrior compatriots. Clone soldiers often call each other “brothers” and develop friendship and loyalty with each other. When a soldier sacrifices in battle, the cloner will discourag by the loss of his compatriots. Even so, these well-trained fighters stick to their responsibilities and continue to fight.

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5.The Force Awakens Black Squadron

Imperial stormtroopers occupy “Tantive IV” The policies of the Galaxy Empire and the First Order are in stark contrast to the Republican Army. They have no such friendship and personality, and their ordinary white armor not customize. Their superiors instilled a unified concept into them. The empire’s training procedures emphasize that all squadrons’ tactical processes are identical.

This way is very close to the brotherhood of the clones. When the stormtroopers fall in battle, their companions are often indifferent. The first order was determined to change the method and focus on training the soldiers’ resilience, but their soldiers were equally indifferent when they lost their companions, and the standard armor did not have any special decorative arkham knight helmet marks. These two points are similar to the Imperial Stormtroopers. The only soldier in the first order who show sympathy and concern was Finn, who chose to abandon the life of the stormtroopers, and thus identifie as a traitor by his former companions.

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6.Rogue One Imperial ANOVOS

The people have different attitudes towards the members of these organizations and the purpose of each unit is not the same. After the failure to quell dissent, the Grand Army of The Republic forme to launch a full-scale war against separatist forces. Civilians loyal to the Republic regard the cloned forces as a good omen, from the Battle of Ryloth to the Twi’lek little girl and the cloned soldier Waxer and Boil. The interaction can see. The cloned man brought the hope of the Republic to the planet besieged by the separatist forces. Of course, this task transform after the execution of the 66th command of the gene, and the cloned army became the first Imperial stormtrooper.

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7.Star Wars Imperial Shock Trooper Stormtrooper

The first order stormtroopers assembled at the Starkiller Base On the other hand, the stormtroopers caused fear and reverie of civilians in their jurisdiction. Before the outbreak of the large-scale Galaxy civil war, the Galaxy Empire used the assault troops to suppress the rebel group and fought the Rebel Alliance in a small area.The first-order stormtroopers also spread fears and initially fought against resistance groups in a small area.

but the ultimate goal was to strengthen their own strength and reconquer the galaxy. Although the Republic’s clon forces consider noble in the Clone Wars.

Command 66 reveal the same cruel qualities in their hearts as the Milky Way Empire and the First Order. This ruthlessness and hard work mainly reflect in the killing of the Jedi Knights by the Clone Forces.

the killing of the Luke Skywalker by the Imperial Stormtroopers and the first order of the stormtroopers in Tuanal (Tuanal). ) The massacre.

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The clones of the Galactic Republic

the stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire and the first-order stormtroopers have fascinating similarities and differences. Soldiers of the Republic’s army, in stark contrast to the seemingly inconsistent cloning heritage cool motorcycle helmets and rich history, are in stark contrast to the uniforms of the Galactic Empire and the first order. This is easy to understand.

because the rule of the empire far remove from the democracy of the Republic.

and the infantry of the first order chose to imitate the Imperial Stormtroopers. However, although they were not wrong, most of the Republic’s clones also succumbed to the procedure of Command No. 66, and eventually found themselves to be the empire’s uncharacteristic stormtroopers.

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