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As people’s awareness of the dangers of concussion and other head injuries in football continues to deepen, the safety of football players is receiving increasing attention. These top-level football helmets are great for preventing injuries and keeping athletes in the game.

Top 10 Football Helmets

9/10Stuart World War II
9/10Youth Revenge
9/10Plus Shute
8/10Riddle Fast Adult
9/10Riddle Youth
7/10Air Force XP Professional
9/10Youth Ion 4D
8/10Youth Mixed Helmet
9/10Rawlings Adult Pulse
9/10Youth Rights Protection

In 2011, Virginia Tech began assigning helmet grades to new products on the market in response to growing concerns about head injuries in various sports. The rating is unbiased and completely independent of the impact of the helmet manufacturer. In the Virginia Tech helmet rating, the highest level of football helmets will receive high scores while still being comfortable and stylish. We have reviewed 10 helmets to find out which ones are great for impact protection, and you can wear anything that is practical.

1. Stuart World War II

Shute is well known for its sports protection equipment, creating high quality equipment for athletes such as helmets, shoulder pads, mouth guards, and other clothing. This Virginia Tech five-star adult helmet is specifically designed for the VT protocol. They are characterized by a double compression thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU, which has been shown to be more effective against shocks than foam. It is also easy to remove masks, with their twist release system, and there are 15 different styles to choose from, making it the perfect match for any team color.

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2.Suutt Youth Revenge Helmet

Revenge A3 is the revenge VTD II of Schutt’s younger version. It was designed with the children in mind, because the overall helmet is lighter and has a lower profile than the Revenge VTD II. FACEGATE is made of carbon steel and titanium alloy is upgradeable. Taking into account the reputation of Schutter as an excellent manufacturer of child-resistant sports equipment and the high ratings of Revenge VTD II, this young full face motorcycle helmets version will be the perfect choice for children to participate in urination and juvenile football.

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3. Schutt helmet plus Shute

Revenge A3 is the A3 upgrade we just review. It features single and double layer TPUs to maximize protection from shocks. The TPU’s cushioning is also use for hygiene because it helps prevent mold and mold from accumulating in the helmet after a game or practice, and usually fights the odor. The result is a cleaner helmet that is easier to care for. The interconnected mattresses are mechanically connected to help them stay in place. The air-adjustable bladder helps make the assembly process easier and more efficient. Wear it when you play the best football and you are ready.

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4. Riddle Fast Adult Football Helmet

This football helmet designed by Riddle features a 5-star rating from the Virginia Tech helmet. This helmet has some unique features to help it reach this level. First, there is a patent side collision protection, or PISP, to help reduce the forces that occur on both sides, such as from falling to the ground or being hit from another player. The helmet itself make of hard polycarbonate material, which is the gold standard for helmets. Available in 19 colors and three different sizes, each player has a helmet. It is worth noting that the face guard includ.

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5. Riddle Youth Speed ​​Football Helmet

This top youth football helmet from Riddle is similar to the SpeedFlex adult helmet. There are four different sizes to choose from, from small to extra large. The best way to choose the right size for your child is to measure their head and use the appropriate size chart on the Riddell website. It also includes a patented side impact protection and quick release mask attachment system. The helmet shell make of ABS plastic and is ideal for young football players to junior high school.

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6. Schutt Air Force XP Professional Football Helmet

With five stars on the Virginia Tech Helmet Scale, the AIR XP Professional Adult Helmet provides first-class protection in concussions and other head injuries. Similar to Revenge VTD Football II, this college football helmet features an extra head protection for the TPU buffer. This helps to reduce the impact of high impact hits on the head. The polycarbonate casing allows the helmet to withstand the extra impact of college sports. Although the China belt includ, the masks sell separately. Like all best bike helmets, it make in the USA. It can also paire with a good football glove.

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7.Schutt Youth Ion 4D Helmet

The highest level of football helmets can always find ways to further increase their impact and ultimately their impact on players. Schutt’s ION 4D youth helmet also retains other features that make the Schutt helmet the highest level: TPU cushioning, a simple mask removal method that meets the National Sports Equipment Performance Standards Operations Committee’s knowledge and even some requirements. D energy wedge face protection device. This accessory is unique to Ion 4D and use as a shock absorber for frontal collisions.

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8.Xenith Youth Mixed Helmet

Young recruited hybrid helmets using D3O energy locking technology. This is the patented technology of the Schutt helmet, which provides additional impact protection. The shock absorbing material locks together when hit to reduce impact energy and reduce overall transmission power. D3O, combined with Schutter’s standard TPU protection, allows it to create the best overall impact absorption. In terms of design, the jaw pads mechanically connect to help them remain in place. Although the mask sell separately, it has 13 colors.

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9. Rawlings Adult Pulse Football Helmet

The Rawlins Adult Pulse Football Helmet NOCSAE approv and make of a polycarbonate casing. There are heat exchange vents to help regulate the temperature inside the helmet, which characteriz by maximum protection of stainless steel hardware. It comes in three different colors, dark blue, royal blue and white. Like many other helmets, the mask in the photo not includ, but the chin strap is. This is the guard of a great football team.

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10. Youth Rights Protection – Riddle Helmet

The Victor-I Junior Football Helmet has the standard feature that makes Riddle the standard for football helmets. It rate 5 stars by the Virginia Tech helmet and has patented side impact protection to improve its ability to resist side impact. Inflatable mattresses help provide extra protection and comfort inside the helmet while having a cover layer to create a suitable fit and give extra stability. This helmet is on the lighter side for easy handling.

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The best football helmets are safe in many ways

As the sense of prevention becomes a part of football, football helmets and top astronaut helmet are constantly innovating to ensure the best protection. The highest-ranking football helmets rank high in the Virginia Tech helmet rating scale and meet all the standards of the National Sports Equipment Standards Operations Committee. While properly manufactured and install helmets can help reduce the risk of injury, it can only do so much: other precautions must take, such as using the appropriate form in the tackle.

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