Top 10 Fantasy Armor

The fantasy armor Warrior is a childhood memory of many of us after 90 years. I still remember fantasy armor that when I was a child.fantasy armor would imitate the moves or transformations of the characters. It is really a shameful memory to think of it.

Armored Warriors have made five TV series and three big movies from the first “Army Warrior” to the “Army Warrior’s Hunting” which will be released today. Among them, many powerful characters have appeared. They have powerful power. Strong armor, then take a look at the strongest armor among the armored warriors of all ages today.

1.Snow White and The Huntsman Armor 

The Emperor Xia is from the first part of the Armor Warrior, setting the God of Heroes as the first armor warrior in the history of the Armor Warrior. He is the ultimate armor composed of five sets of light and shadow armor. It can combine the power of light and shadow and possess the ultimate power of five elements. In the latest armor warrior series “Armor Warrior Armored” added his settings.

by the mouth of the tiger is the devil coach who teaches the various top armor of the universe. In its personal theatrical version, thousands of abilities are destroyed with just one knife.

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2.Rubie’s Costume CO. Women’s Medieval Warrior Costume

Shura armor has a terrible power that cannot be estimated, and debuted in the Armored Warriors. The Shura armor is the strongest ultimate armor in the galaxy. Only the strongest person in the universe can use the ultimate armor. If the non-strong person forcibly uses the Shura armor.

it will eventually become contactless because of the inability to contact. But as long as you get the approval of Shura’s armor, you can get a powerful force that can shake the hard core. In the play, a nameless trick from the Shura armor has a powerful force that cannot be ignored.

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3.Dark Elf Corset – Fantasy Bodice Renaissance Costume 

Yatales Armor is the strongest armor in the third armor of the Armored Warrior series, Armor Warrior Nava. Armor is the ultimate armor formed by the five elements of wind, water, fire, earth and electricity. Yatales armor can use the ability of the first four armor, and can be combined by five elements to release a more powerful move.

Although the ability is quite ok, it is insignificant compared with the above two. Moreover, the setting of the episode itself is very similar to that of the Kamen Rider, and there is not much good impression in the mind of Xiaobian.

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4.A Knight To Remember Medievel Knight Costume

The King of Armor is the ultimate armor of the Armored Warrior movie “The Armored Warrior”, and it is also the first ultimate armor that has not appeared in the TV series. The King of the Kings was formed in 2072 by the Marshal Ares Kirin Marshal and the Human Science and Technology Hunting Link. It is the latest Galaxy King. Compared with capture.

it has a considerable improvement in attack power, speed and defensive power, and is super-integrated armor in type. Although there is no special ability for the King of Armor, its own superior combat power is enough to make it a place in the powerful armor.

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5.California Costumes Valorous Knight Adult 

The realistic tough guy style is very desirable, and it is also the most handsome armor that Xiaobian thinks. Of course, the issue of the summoner will not be mentioned for the time being.

Power armor, also known as power armor, as the name suggests  a kind of combat armor worn by human soldiers, mainly used for combat.

However, due to the current level of technology, the power armor is currently sci-fi nature, and has not yet fully invested in actual combat.

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6.Armor Venue Midnight Fantasy Cloak

The development of the power armor is based on the power exoskeleton technology. In short, it is a combination of power exoskeleton, three defense suits and body armor.

Dynamic exoskeleton technology is the premise of dynamic armor. It first appeared in science fiction and is a wearable mechanical device that can enhance the human body.

It works by collecting information about the user’s operation through sensors and reacting accordingly.

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7.Snow White and The Huntsman Snow White

Through the traction of mechanical devices, the strength and speed of the human body will enhanced. It makes it easy for users to pick up heavy objects that are usually hard to get, such as heavy artillery shells. Not only that, soldiers wearing dynamic exoskeletons can run faster and jump farther than usual.

In addition to military aspects, the chainmail armor power exoskeleton can also used in the medical field mechanical traction can used to help some patients with mobility difficulties and even paralysis to regain their mobility.

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8.Medieval Halloween Costume Suit of Armor Breastplate Adult Costume 

The three-proof suit is a garment that can prevent nuclear weapons, chemical-resistant weapons, and biological weapons made of special materials. At present, the world’s most advanced three-proof suit is the British MK-3 three-proof anti-virus suit, which can prevent poison, radiation and micro-microbe. The key is to breathe and wick away.

It generally believed that the concept of dynamic armor first appeared in the science fiction novel “Starship Paratrooper”. which later adapted into the movie “Star River Team.”

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9.LARP Medieval Fantasy Costume Elven Steel Armor

In the novel, the power armor is the standard equipment for the Earth soldiers to fight. It is up to two meters and weighs one ton, which greatly improves the soldier’s defense ability and attack ability.

Starting from the “Starship Paratrooper”, a large number of similar power armor appeared in the works of European and American science fiction machinery. Just as the Japanese obsessed with giant mechs, Europe and the United States have a soft spot for power armor.

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10.LARP, Female Armor,Fantasy, Elf, Elven Costume Flamberg Steel Armor

Science fiction works are like high-tech guides. “Starship Paratroopers” put forward the idea of ​​power armor. A large number of countries led by the United States began to develop and put the manufacture of power armor on the agenda.

In the 1960s, the General Electric Group of the United States began to develop, and has gained some results so far. At present, some types of power armor have put into use in a small range.

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Since 2000, Berkeley Biomimetic Technology Inc

has begun to study the military exoskeleton system. Their goal is to allow soldiers to load an extra-weight 180 kg after wearing a powered exoskeleton system and to travel at a high speed of 16 kilometers per hour.

In 2009, Berkeley Bionic Technology announced their product, the human-purpose weight-bearing exoskeleton. The power armor no longer is possible to enter the war. However, can the power armor put into actual combat? Let’s talk about its advantages and limitations.

Power armor can help users to break through their own conditions and put into combat use not only can play a role in defense and protection, but also ensure a strong fire output.

Soldiers wear power armor

their strength will increase greatly due to the traction of external mechanical power. Carrying heavy artillery shells is no longer laborious, and the equipment you carry with you will be more complete. Naturally, the grasp of battle victory will be even greater.

Ordinary soldiers can walk at a speed of about 6-10 kilometers per hour, but usually, soldiers often carry no less than 20 kilograms of equipment and munitions. In this case, the normal marching speed cannot guaranteed.

The power armor will greatly speed up the soldiers’ walking speed, sometimes even exceeding 16 kilometers per hour. In addition, soldiers can use the external traction of the power armor to improve their ability to climb and jump, so that obstacles can easily skipped.

The power armor is not just a layer of cloth or an alloy, but a combination of several reinforcements. In addition to the power exoskeleton, the power armor also includes three protective clothing, high-intensity bullet-proof and explosion-proof clothing, sensory enhancement devices (such as radar), shock absorbers, human waste recycling devices, flight propulsion systems, underwater propulsion systems, and so on.

Therefore, compared with the traditional armor

the ideal power armor can not only prevent the knife and the gun, but also prevent radiation, anti-virus, anti-nuclear bombs, and can almost resist all blows.

In this way, the power armor will have a major impact on the future war, then, can put into actual combat? Objectively speaking, due to current technical limitations, the existing powered exoskeleton system is not sufficient to support equipment of this size.

Power armor used in actual combat, and there are still many uncontrollable factors.

To make an exoskeleton armor, a tough but lightweight composite must used. This material must not only resist the firepower of the gun, but also meet many of the above conditions.

At present, the world’s strongest metal is titanium alloy, the hardest metal is chromium, the highest melting point is tungsten, the most dense metal is tantalum, and the most ductile metal is gold.

Unfortunately, no metal can satisfy all of the above conditions (strength, hardness, melting point, density, ductility). Therefore, the ideal power armor is currently only in the field of science fiction.

First of all, if soldiers wear power armor

the first thing to consider is the flexibility of the machine. The exoskeleton of the armor must have a movable joint like the human body. If it does not have this ability, the soldiers’ running and jumping are just talking about it.

Lenovo thinks that all the mechs that are now available are almost very clumsy, and this represents the highest level of technology that can achieved. Therefore, it is impossible to create an exoskeleton

joint that is as flexible as a human body at the current state of the art.

One of the common problems faced by all mechs and robots is the endurance of energy. Power armor is no exception.

On the battlefield, soldiers must not replenish energy frequently.

so in order to ensure the normal operation of the power system.

the problem of energy supply must solved.

Suppose that on the battlefield, the armor’s power system exhausted

a soldier can’t drive a ton of huge equipment. Therefore, in the case of zero attack power.

the soldier can only become a live target.

In general, although the development of power armor is still in the bottleneck stage, it combines high defense power.

strong offensive power and multiple functions. It is a future battlefield technology that soldiers are dreaming of.

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