Top 10 Female Armor

Nowadays,female armor in many anime and online games.the materials used in female armor suits are very poor. female armor kind of bursting equipment is obviously not suitable for fighting, and it is also harmful to health.

In Europe in the Middle Ages, women did wear armor on the battlefield when necessary, but this armor is a far cry from the uniforms we usually see in the game.

Although the male armor in those European historical novels may not conform to the historical truth, those suits are at least more or less intimate with the historical facts.

1.Adult Size Female Steampunk Shoulder and Waist Armor 

the style of the women’s armor is completely a product of the sky. The scales of the corset and the odd waist design are simply summoning the opponent and saying, “Look, I am weak here, hurrying my belly!” And for the over-characterization of the armor chest.

although erected in the illusory works Women’s feminine appearance, but this chest raised armor design is actually quite dangerous for the wearer.

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2.OW D.Va Shoulder Pad & Neck Armor

The female armor designs we have seen today are all based on some beautification effects. Artists and producers want to show the virtual female warrior’s graceful appearance in the works.

The reason why the female armor is so mysterious, leaving the world with such a large imagination is because there is no documentary picture of any medieval woman wearing a battle armor.

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3.Tracer Chest Armor Game Anime Cosplay Costume Accessories for Women Girls

Medieval art works usually reflect the beauty of fortitude with women in the armor. Nowadays, we can also see illustrations of female warriors from some historical materials and myths.

but in fact, those who draw these pictures may not have seen women’s lamellar armor, and some artists rely entirely on speculation and untested imitation. Create. Some historians even use pictures of medieval women’s competitions.

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4.Halloween Gorget Female Armor Lady

The problem is that the artists who created these pictures are not willing to paint women too masculine, or even replace the weapons with spinning hammers. In this way, after repeated reference, the facts have been distorted again and again, and in the end it has almost nothing to do with the facts.

Historian Niketas Choniates mentioned in the description of the female soldiers in the Second Crusade, that the female warriors in the army are riding the same posture as men, carrying weapons such as spears like men.

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5.Medieval Female Cuirass LARP Fantasy Armor 

wearing men’s clothing. The army is full of style. However, at that time, due to interference from religious factors, the ban was too much, and the information related to female warriors was kept very little.

However, according to many historical sources.

we can know that women did go to the battlefield in the Middle Ages, and they were not allowed to be eyebrows, and sometimes they even became leaders.

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6.Female Steel Gorget LARP Armor

Of course, the number of female fighters is very small compared to men. And even in the age of turmoil, people’s tolerance for women is still limited. The female warrior is a group that cannot carry forward.

Many times, women are wearing armor. Methyl is originally a men’s style, but according to some records, there have been armor tailored for female soldiers at that time, those armor and competition, female lines have no connection.

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7.Medieval Armor Renaissance Breastplate Woman Suit LARP

In short, historical evidence can be left to scientists to argue. However, anyone with a common sense should know that the female warrior who has the umbilical blast is only able to live in games and novels and movies.

We don’t know much about the real armor.

but it is definitely not a design that highlights femininity. Armor is the key to life on the battlefield. Obviously, neutral armor should be more fitting to the facts.

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8.Medieval Female Fantasy Armour Cosplay Armor LARP

For most fans who like armor warriors, everyone must be familiar with most of the armor warriors, but have you seen the women’s armor warriors? Everyone should be a bit confused about this issue.

Female version of the armor warrior? I only know that there are female characters in the play that have summoned the armored warriors, but the real female version of the armor warriors really hasn’t seen them very much. Let me give you a good knowledge of the rise!

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9.Aiuem Women Leather Armor Overbust 

The two women’s armor warriors that we will introduce below are all in the fictional novel ” Star Wars“.

we will come to know more about it!

The first female armor is the dream butterfly armor, which is also the dream butterfly.

Her summoner is Lu Xueji. She has been working as a waiter in the spacecraft before taking the earth.

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10.Aiuem Black Leather Armor Zipper Halter

She is gentle, but when she hears that Shi Ziyan is the captain, she is also very angry that she is the captain. It is the relationship of age, and of course the final settlement!

The caller is a dark green caller, yellow, worn on the wrist. The blue part on the back is a super soft resin with a super elastic feel.

it is very comfortable to wear. Of course, after the transformation of the armor form, female characteristics are full.

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The second deputy

the last armor, is the moon rabbit armor, which is also the moon rabbit. She is a white warrior transformed from Sun Yayue. The summoner is a silver moon caller, white, worn on the wrist. There is a rabbit pattern on the front.

the white part on the back is a super soft resin with a super elastic feel. The Summoner is also a communicator and you can press the top button when you need to contact. It is also known as an armor warrior with the most obvious femininity in the armor.

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