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If you want to talk about the half plate armor ancient metallurgical technology of the world.half plate armor who have studied a little in this field know the status quo of its long-term leadership in the world. Half plate armor in the spring and autumn of the 6th century BC, the technology of “blocking and infiltrating steel” was mastered and used to forge steel weapons. In the late Western Han Dynasty in the first century BC, the “fried steel” technique of heating the pig iron to a molten state to form steel was invented.

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9/10Medieval Armor
9/10Knight Half Suit of Armor
9/10Medieval Reenactment Armor

During the period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the creative invention of the “filling steel” technology that combines pig iron and wrought iron together greatly increased the output of steel. Because of the substantial increase in steel production, after entering the Tang and Song Dynasties, the world’s steel tools were widely used, basically replacing the wood and stone tools of the past. The farm implements are all made of steel, and the weapons are naturally less prone. The ancient world’s steel weapons are not widely displayed in various museums, giving people a rare illusion, but if they have an understanding of the ancient weapons collection circle, they will Convinced by its size and quality.

1.Steel Breastplate Halloween 

But this makes a problem always linger in people’s minds. Since the ancient metallurgical technology of the world is so advanced and long-term, why did it fail to develop the “ultimate form” of the armor? The plate appeared in the 14th century and matured in the middle of the 15th century

which is equivalent to the Ming Dynasty of the world. The Ming Dynasty of the world was also a major development period of metallurgical technology. The process known as the Sugang smelting method appeared. At this time, the world is still an advanced country in the metallurgical field. However, the world has not been able to develop and equip the plate armor. Therefore, even because the world’s metallurgical technology is backward, it is impossible to make a plate.

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2.LARP Fantasy with Puldrons

If the world has not developed a plate, it is because it did not happen.

then the colonists of Western countries such as Portugal and Spain have come to the world during the Ming Dynasty.

The Ming army also seized some plates in its battle. So why did the Ming Dynasty not take the opportunity to conduct research and imitation?

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3.Reenactment Wearable 

In fact, in the early period of the Southern and Northern Dynasties before the popularization of the method of injecting steel, there was also a plate armor in East Asia. This armor was represented by the Korean Peninsula and Japan’s short armor.

In the works depicting the creation myths of Japan, the Japanese “Creation Gods” are also wearing this armor. However, after the advent of the steel-filling technology, the armor eventually disappeared, and the bundle of rectangular nails formed a lobster-like structure that eventually became the mainstream of the world’s armor.

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4.Knight Breastplate

Why is the production of steel easy, and the plate is dying? Looking at it now, the main reason is that the price of the plate is not as good as that of Zha. It is well known that the larger the steel plate. the greater the brittleness. This problem can only solved by repeated forging, which consumes a lot of manpower.

Therefore. the ultimate choice of the ancient people of the world is to manufacture small-sized steel nails on a large scale. Because of their small size, they can processed to a very tough degree at a low cost. This not only saves manpower.but also facilitates repair after the armor damaged.

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5.Reenactment Knight 

The reason why the short-class Asian plate armor will eventually die out may be that the plate of this plate is more brittle and has lower protection.if it repeatedly forged.the cost will remain high.

So eventually the plate eliminated. In the following history, because of the development of the world’s steelmaking technology. the steel armor bundle armor became the main direction of the world’s development of armor and formed a “path dependence.”

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6.Medieval Gothic 

In contrast, the metallurgical industry in Europe has long been lagging behind. Until the fifteenth century, the most advanced “earth-blowing” (blast furnace predecessor) furnaces produced only 39% of the iron yield. The annual output of the furnace is only about 40-50 tons.

The production of iron is still so difficult, not to mention the production of steel. The backwardness of this metallurgical technology has made it difficult to use steel nails for bundling (because the output is too low).if the iron nails used, the defense will greatly reduced.

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7.Medieval Knight Half Suit of Armor

However, the Europeans have taken a different approach, using the characteristics of iron that is relatively soft and well-processed, and developed a chain armor made of iron rings. This kind of chain armor made of iron ring  worn on the person for easy action. According to the restoration of modern people.

the chainmail armor has a good defense ability for weapons, such as swords and spears which commonly used in the Middle Ages. Of course, it also has a disadvantage, that is, because the whole is a soft structure, it is impossible to resist attacks such as heavy blows. This problem, European knights often use a thick shackle in the chain armor to solve.

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8.Medieval Armor 

Eventually, due to the backwardness of materials science, Europeans tried to make up for the structural design. So they tried to make the overall armor with wrought iron and the shape of the armor designed to curved to help the enemy’s blade to opened which eventually led to the birth of the European plate. And because the armor made in one piece.

it do not bundled with materials such as leather ropes like the Sapporo, so the weight of the plate is lighter when the same armor thickness used. This allows the plate to thickened in some key parts (if the sheet over-stamped. the overall weight will unbearable) and the weak point of defense that it also obtained. Better defense.

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9.Knight Half Suit of Armor 

But the difference in the quality of the different plate armor is also great. Some cheap plate armor is shoddy to “will worn out”. it is impossible to defend against the shooting of cold weapons such as bows and bows only has certain defense against the sword.

force. In the technical recovery of many military enthusiasts. the shooting of ordinary plate armor facing the bow and arrow often the result of shot through. The better quality iron plate is also costly. For example, the “white armor” of Joan of Arc said to cost as much as 100 gold coins.

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10.Medieval Reenactment Armor

The metallurgical technology in the West continues to develop, so that after the technical foundation for the manufacture of steel plate armor, the European princes and nobles have to build a fitted armor regardless of the low cost. Under ample funds, one piece is exquisite. Gorgeous and sturdy plate armor made.

Artists often use armor as a stage to show their carving ability and cultural level, carving various myths and legends into armor, and writing the most magnificent page in the history of ancient armor in the world. But these armor often appear in the knight’s contest, not the flesh and blood battlefield.

Later, with the development and popularization of firearms

the role of plate armor in the battlefield is getting smaller and smaller.

By the eighteenth century

only the breastplate cavalry had worn the plate armor.

That is to say, because the ancient world mastered the technology of mass production of steel earlier

which led to the long-term leadership of the world’s scale armor materials.

it was “one way to black” on steel armor armor.

Even if the Western colonists came to the Ming and Qing Dynasties of the world.

they did not fundamentally change this situation.

but the world people learned the technique of chain armor. In the Qing Dynasty, because of the flexibility of the chain armor .

the ability to defend the bow and arrow.

it  loved by the Manchurian cavalry who keen on riding and shooting. Many of the portraits of the Qing Dynasty generals and cavalry were often wearing chain mail.

In the West, because of the long-term backwardness of metallurgical technology.

the results of the use of wrought iron and other soft .

brittle materials to make armor continue to study .

created a armor design that uses the structure to offset the material disadvantage.

After the metallurgical technology in the West was enough to support the large-scale steel production.

the “invincible” plate armor that modern people thought emerged.

but this “indestructible” plate armor also quickly expanded with the scale of war and gunpowder weapons. The development has withdrawn from the historical arena.

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