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lamellar armor in the current film and television works. the ancient lamellar armor of the world always looks thick and heavy.lamellar armor is often a large chunk. The shape is very prestige, but it does not match the facts. In fact, through the study and observation of ancient texts and graphic materials.

plus the knowledge of archaeological excavations: the armor of the ancient world, especially the armor, is basically a small piece of hundreds of thousands of pieces, with a rope Complex methods are connected in series.

Riveting is generally only used for helmets. Pinning is extremely rare. This is quite different from European armor that prefers to use a large plate with a large plate and is riveted and pinned. In addition to East Asia.

1.Ectoria Full Functional Viking Lamellar Armor 

The Middle East and Central Asia have some armor similar to the world, which is generally a system. The leather armor of the ancient world has been unearthed in large pieces with a maximum diameter of 400 mm, but most of them are small pieces in series like iron armor.

Take some iron shovel shovel currently excavated as an example. There are 2,859 pieces of iron armor in the Mancheng Han Tomb, 2,244 pieces of the tomb of the Zibo Qiwang Tomb, and 2,857 pieces of the Han Tomb in the northern suburbs of Xi’an (including sputum).

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2.Armor Venue: Celtic Lamellar Leather 

These pieces are generally 3 cm long and 2 cm wide. The remnants of the Ming Dynasty were unearthed from Zhongshan Road, Guangzhou, with a total weight of 23 kg and a piece of 1088 pieces. Each piece is 7-10 cm long, 2-3 cm wide and weighs 7-14 grams. In the 4th year of Song Shaoxing (1134), it was stipulated that the weight of the full set of nails was 45-50 kg, and the number of nail pieces was 1825 pieces.

Each piece of nails weighed 0.26-0.47. However, the total number of armor and armored armor in the Song Dynasty was more than 2,000. It is said that because there are too many pieces of A.

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3.Ancient Roman Lamellar Scale 20g Mild Steel Costume 

The soldiers have to count the quantity and weigh the weight after receiving it, and register it separately. It is also a very tedious thing to think about it. The Tang Dynasty armor lacked a complete object, but it also found a lot of residual armor, which is basically a narrow and long small piece. The Bohai State helmet unearthed in Heilongjiang was riveted with 12 pieces of nails.

In the past few years, a complete set of Tang Jun leather armor was unearthed in South Korea. It is also connected in series with many small nail pieces, but these small leather pieces are more square in shape than the usual slender type.

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4.Armor Venue Lamellar Loose 100 Piece

Then, how thick is the ancient world armor made of fine broken pieces of rope? The remnants of the Ming Dynasty were unearthed from Zhongshan Road, Guangzhou, with a thickness of 1.5-2 mm. The 16-country iron fantasy armor unearthed in Liaoning has a thickness between 1.6 mm and 2.6 mm.

The thickness of the iron armor of the Western Han Dynasty Qi Wang Tomb is 1 mm. It dead body in the Han Dynasty unearthed in Xi’an was 0.8-1.2 mm. This is the iron armor unearthed in Hebei is about 1.5 mm. The iron armor excavated from the Mingding Tomb of Changping.

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5.Full Delux Viking Norse Functional

Beijing is particularly thick and has a thickness of 3 mm. The Western Han Dynasty armor unearthed in Xuzhou, most of which is 1-2.5 mm thick, but has a round piece (broken into two pieces) with a thickness of 3-3.5 mm. This extra-thick piece of iron is presumably the top part of the shovel.

In summary, the mainstream thickness of the ancient world armor is between 1-2 mm, and a few exceptions will be thickened to more than 3 mm. Because the ropes are connected in series, these thin small iron armor sheets also covered with holes, from a few dozen to a few, and more than twenty holes.

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6.Armor Venue Loose Steel Lamellar

Then go through the ropes and ropes and connect them in an extremely complicated way. Such armor, watched outside, hundreds of thousands of pieces of A piece of cloth covered with dense ropes (often still colored rope), is very likely to cause the brains of intensive phobia patients.

Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, firearms have risen, and the armor of the armor that guards against the bow and rifle has gradually withdrawn from the historical stage. Instead, it is a so-called cloth face inlaid with copper bubbles, which said to have a certain defense against early fire. Then I will not wear armor anymore.

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7.Leather Samurai Pauldron Medieval Armour

In all kinds of film and television dramas depicting ancient wars, we can often see Western knights wearing iron cans and impenetrable armor assaults, which is very eye-catching, and our ancient armor in the world is not prominent enough in film and television dramas. So many friends have an illusion that the protection rate of ancient Western armor is higher than that of the East.

In fact, this is a wrong impression. Many Western film and television dramas designed to highlight the visual effects. .In history, due to the overall backwardness of the West in the concept of war and the metallurgical process.

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8.Middle Age Knights Tasset Battle Armor Plated Steel Waist Fauld Belt

The protection of the real Western armor is far less than that of the Eastern armor represented by the world armor in the same period. Perhaps it just seems to pull the wind.

Among the various armores of the ancient world, through the careful study and restoration of historical records, the most protective armor recognized by military historians is the world armor more than a thousand years ago. Performance far exceeds the Western “iron can”.

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9.Conquest Warcrafted Armour Silver/Black One Size 

Moreover, it has considerable flexibility. It called the “first armor” in the ancient world. This kind of armor is the stepping armor of the Song Dynasty in China. The stepper A took the characteristics of the Tang Dynasty Mingguangjia and further improved according to the battlefield situation, so eventually Formed the strongest armor of this ancient world.

In ancient times, armor was an important indicator of military strength. Many dynasties stipulate that folks can possess weapons such as swords and swords, but they not allowed to have armor.

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10.Armor Medieval MERC Steel Cuirass

It can seen from the position of the armor in the ancient military. The ancient world has the strongest armor in the world. It also illustrates the status of the military strength of the ancient world in the world from one side, and deserves the world’s first.

Although the Song Dynasty gave the impression of future generations that Wen Qiang was weak. However, it is little known that the Song Dynasty had the largest number of excellent heavy-duty infantry in the same period. They equipped with the excellent defense of the Song Dynasty, and the Southern Campaign.

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According to the provisions of Song Shaoxing’s four years (1134)

the step A consists of 1825 pieces of nails with a total weight of 29KG. At the same time, the number of nails can increased to increase the protection, but the weight will increase further. To this end, the emperor personally gave life, stipulated that the infantry armor limited to 29.8KG. Since then, the long gunner’s armor weight has set at 32-35KG; because the archers often involved in melee combat, the armor set to 28-33KG the scorpion shooter’s armor set to 22-27KG. At the same time, the armor type of the European step cavalry was mainly based on the chain armor, which did not reach such weight.

Due to the loss of the northern horse-producing areas, the Song Dynasty was extremely lacking in war horses. The Song Dynasty army could only continue to thicken the soldiers’ armor against the northern enemy countries with a large number of cavalry. The Song Dynasty Steps A was the main equipment of the heavy infantry in the Song Dynasty. Song Bu Ren A developed on the basis of Tang Jia. It is a heavy steel armor that can cover the whole body. This has led to the step A, the most powerful armor in the ancient world.

Most of the steps made up of 1825 pieces of nails

The total weight of the nails is 29KG. At the same time, the amount of nails can increased to increase the protection, but the weight will increase further. To this end, the emperor personally gave life.

stipulated that the infantry armor limited to 29.8KG. Since then, the length of the long gunner’s armor has set at 32-35KG

since the archers often involved in melee combat.

the armor set to 28-33KGand the archer’s armor set to 22-27KG.

At the same time, the armor type of the European step cavalry was mainly based on the chain armor, and the protection and weight were not as good as those of the stepper. During the Song Dynasty, the heavy infantry wearing a long-handed weapon with a long-handed weapon formed a tight infantry array could effectively resist the impact of the cavalry, but the biggest disadvantage of the heavy infantry was the lack of mobility. When you win, you can’t effectively chase the enemy. If you fail, you can’t retreat in time. You can see it in Song Jin’s several battles.

Ten years before and after Shaoxing

it was the most powerful period of the Song Dynasty army. The famous generals Yue Fei, Han Shizhong, etc., led the heavy infantry with the armor and the rifle as the main equipment. They repeatedly defeated the Jin Chao heavy cavalry with a combination of elite formations and reasonable tactics. Including the weapons

the load of the Song Jun heavy infantry was as high as 40-50KG.

Due to the heavy equipment, the mobility affected. For example

in the 11th year of Shaoxing (1141), Song Jun, who mainly driven by infantry was seriously A.

plus the weapons that grown up, the load was too heavy.

so it was impossible to fully smash the Jin Chao cavalry that had collapsed.

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