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Roman armor Ferdinand I (1503-1564), the roman armor Grand Duke of the Habsburg dynasty of Austria and the Holy Roman Emperor.the roman armor king of Hungary and Bohemia. He was the second son of Felipe I el Hermoso (1478–1506) and his wife, Castilla Queen Juana (1479–1555).

born in Aina, near Madrid, Spain. Resburg. As the emperor, the rule of Ferdinand I was relatively stable. He carefully maintained the relative peace with the Ottoman Empire. In the internal affairs, Ferdinand tends to centralize power. It is worth mentioning that he firmly believes in the motto “The world is dying, justice is going to work.”

1.Roman lorica SEGMENTATA SEGMENTA Armor

In 1531, the German election elected Ferdinand as the “King of the Roman people”, making him the direct successor of Emperor V. What really made him famous as the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire was the outstanding performance in the “Schmalkarden War“.

He actively supported his brother Charles V against the German Protestant princes. When the new religious war broke out in 1552, he served as a mediator between Charles V and the princes.

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2.NAUTICALMART Medieval Roman Lorica Segmentata

In 1554, Ferdinand also sent messengers to Istanbul to discuss the conclusion of a border treaty with Suleiman I. On September 12, 1556, Ferdinand accepted the resignation of Charles V and became the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (it is generally believed that it was the official reign of Ferdinand after the death of Charles V in 1558). Since then, Ferdinand has begun his stable era of rule.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a collection of Ferdinand armor, which was made in 1549 and is made of steel, brass and leather.

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3.Forged Roman Conqueror Body Armor 20G

The armor is 170.2cm high and weighs about 24kg. This pair of armor is extremely beautifully crafted and has the symbol of the Empire – the double-headed eagle, the image of the Virgin Mary and the baby are also used on the breastplate. The golden wool badge above is the symbol of the Golden Wool Knights, and Ferdinand was one of them.

Briefly discuss the armor of the Romans. Take the army of its imperial era as an example.

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4.California Costumes Men’s Roman

During the empire, the Roman army adopted a stream of professional soldiers. The entire empire was initially in the heyday of about thirty-three legions, with fifteen thousand and sixty thousand people. The state was responsible for ordnance, so the soldiers had a high rate of armor.

A Roman legion is a sharp war machine, but this machine cannot put all the power on the motor. Therefore, the proportion of “armed legionares” in Figure 1 is only a part of the whole army, and it is the iron fist of the legion.

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5.Disguise Men’s Roman Armor Costume

After the artillery and bow and arrow firepower strikes, the A heavy armor will be put into battle, relying on the array tactics and the Jianjiali sword to hold the enemy’s frontal front and win the time for the cavalry troops to fight back. Therefore, they are the backbone of frontal operations and an important part of the entire army, but this is not all.

As discussed above, these armored heavy infantry in the “Segmentata” armor are the soldiers of the whole army, so what about the armor of the remaining Roman legions? Next, introduce the Auxiliaries of the Legion.

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6.Lorica Segmenta Cuirass Roman Plate Armor

These auxiliary infantrymen wore light chain armor, and were also equipped with the short-sword Gladius and the pistol pilum. They may not have a sharp armor in the frontal attack, but they are flexible and maneuverable. They can effectively provide fire support and flank assistance to the frontal units.

or they can be quickly interspersed and attacked on the enemy side to create a victory for the whole army. If necessary, they can also be equipped with long guns to defend against enemy cavalry. Of course, the final strength still depends on the level of training.

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7.Medieval Warrior Lorica Hamata Roman

But still not only confused by the word “auxiliary”, they think that their importance is dispensable. On the battlefield, such a versatile team is the key to determining the outcome in many battles!

In the later period, the Empire recruited a large number of domestic and foreign people to serve as auxiliary infantry, so that the Europa barbarians recognized the comprehensiveness of the Roman military system and determined to imitate it, but it was unable to copy the matching supply system.

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8.Handtooled Handcrafted Leather Roman Subarmalis

Auxiliary archer. (Because different war zones in the empire have different warfare, there are differences in the long-range strike forces of the warring parties. Therefore, the archer equipment of different legions is not the same. Only the samples are provided here.

It can be seen that in addition to the bows and arrows, the auxiliary archers also have There are helmets, locks and short swords) Roman legionary cavalry. Equipped with spears, big shields and long sword “Sparta”.

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Spears can spurred and can cast, far and near. In the era of no stables, this is a cavalry with a high professional quality, but its equipment still mostly chained, and there is no exaggeration in some movies.

So, it is visible. In addition to the frontal offensive forces, most of the Legion’s soldiers are gears for the pursuit of flexibility and lightweight (I don’t know if this is a “good-looking” concept), mainly to prevent enemy traffic in the movement and combat.

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10.Clash Of The Titans Deluxe Perseus Costume 

hurt. The point to make that the degree of good looks of the armor is not directly proportional to the effectiveness of the defense. Any armor has a weak place, and it will fatal if it hit. As for the crown feather on the head of the cavalry chief as shown above, it learned from the Greeks.

The Greeks learned from the Carrians of Asia Minor, mainly the decorative role and identity. It is very eye-catching in combat, and it motivated by the starting point when it leads the construction of the grassroots. Therefore, the probability of  caught by the enemy is very high.

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Crown feathers also found in China

but most of them are straight up. It may have been too eye-catching and replaced by a helmet. Finally, let me say one more sentence. The rules on the battlefield are simple and practical, especially armor! No one wants to pin their lives on the aesthetics of the armor (not to mention the Roman armor is not as beautiful as anyone imagined).

Ancient Chinese aesthetics and practical armor are certainly there, but the art of relative examinations is now more difficult to see, and the artifacts unearthed may not be as good as the art pictures. Therefore, it is impossible to provide you with the armor of the Chinese army in the classical period. Send hope and future generations.

Segmentata is still quite heavy if it a completely restored piece of iron (now the segmentator worn by reenactment enthusiasts is mostly stainless steel, which is much lighter than the historical version). In contrast, the Hamata chain armor is significantly lighter and more flexible in physical activity.

but the protective effect is comparable to that of the medieval knight wearing a coat of arms under the heraldic robes. 3. With regard to the Roman army after the 3rd century, the standard equipment and military organizations have undergone many changes. The Segmenta and the Scutum are no longer standard equipment for infantry, and the auxiliary infantry system is also very different.

In addition

in view of the fact that after the 4th century, the Roman Empire (mainly referred to as the West) had a serious land annexation, and the large manor aristocrats raised large numbers of private soldiers, which led to the collapse of the professional military system. At that time, Rome could only rely on local heroes to organize militia units to assist the regular army. Defend the empire’s vast strategic depth. As a result, the Roman combat equipment has a very large difference with the pre-empire, but there is no place in the article to see if it can explained in another answer.

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