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Scale armor are the most widely used armor in the world. Scale armor in the ancient civilizations of all civilizations, there were scale armor. The reason why people all over the world invented scales invariably may be because small pieces of metal are easy to process, and their protective properties are different in different areas; even the soldiers of Egypt, Assyria, etc., who wear more linen armor, do not Repel the scales. Here are a few different types of scales in ancient and modern China and abroad.

During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period in China, a kind of hyperthyroidism mainly consisting of rectangular nails appeared. Because this type of nail-shaped tablet is like a book, it is also called “Zhajia”. A group consisting of such a piece of nail is collectively referred to as a beggar. From the point of view of structure and toughness, Zhajia is very close to the scales, so it can also be considered as a deformed scale.

1.Leather Scale Bracers

Scale armor is obviously better against blunt strikes than locks. Scales are mostly curved and uniquely arranged. Generally, they can be easily bent or even rolled up in one direction.

but the angle of bending in the other direction is relatively small. In this way, it is obviously more defensive than the lock when it is against blunt attacks. But because there is a certain deformation, soft buffering is also required.

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2.Brand Medieval 20 Gauge 

The traditional scales, even the Zha, have different ways of wearing soft cushions on the east and west. Most of the Western scales are in a string of scales, wearing armor like a thick cotton jacket.

The advantage is that the armor is simpler to make. It only needs to mass-produce the nails to find people to string together. The disadvantage is that the thick cotton-padded armor is obviously hot, and it also has a little effect on the joints. It is more troublesome to wear. Of course, the structure of this kind of cushioning clothing that directly worn thick has also appeared in the Chinese Sapporo.

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3.Medieval Viking Leather

In the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty, the more popular cloth face armor chosen to put the soft buffer on the outside while the A piece placed on the inside. From the structure of the piece A, it can also regarded as a scale. The specific production method is to wet the picked cotton, repeatedly beat it, and make a thin cotton piece, and sew a plurality of such cotton pieces into a thick and solid cotton cloth. The two layers of cotton iron armor,.the inside and outside used.

The copper nails fixed. This kind of cloth armor relatively easy to make.unlike some heavy needs to tailored to facilitate mass production. It has a strong protection against early firearms. In addition, for scales of hyperthyroidism, a major drawback is that it is easy for the weapon to slide into the seam of the nail and stab the human body. The friction provided by the cloth armor can reduce this defect. Pinning the piece of iron directly onto the cloth is also less susceptible to damage than wearing it with a rope and is relatively light.

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4.Leather Round Cosplay

Foreign countries have also done various tests on Zhajia. For example, the Hungarians tried to recover the 5th and 6th century Avars and the Hungarians.

then shot them with a 9mm Ruger pistol. The result is that although the nail damaged.

the bullet cannot penetrate the snail. This means that people protected by Zha hit by pistols  although the armor will not die.

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5.Fantasy Green Elven

Since even the pistol can’t penetrate the scales, the arrow is obviously difficult to penetrate. Its slashing of swords is obviously more important. Even the puncture of a long gun will be more difficult to hurt the piercing person.

Therefore, the scales, especially the armor of the Zaga, are quite defensive on the battlefield, and it is even more unlikely that they will appear in the film and television dramas, and the iron armor will immediately fall to the ground.

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6.Leather Scale Armor Set 

In addition, the biggest advantage of scales is that the armor can repaired by replacing the damaged nails. And the scales are easy to paint or oil to prevent the helmet from rusting, whether it is repair or maintenance. At this point, the suit of armor are much more convenient than the locks.

It is more troublesome to break the lock ring and replace it. After the small ring takes a long time to find the break point. it is difficult to prevent rust. Once the chain armor can only thrown into the fine sand for agitation to remove the rust.

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7.Medieval Body Scale

European armor dominated by scales and chain armor. At the same time, China’s various high-end armor is also a scale. Scales the most widely used armor in the world. They appear in the military of all civilized countries.they can said to have the same goal. As the name suggests, scales made by laminating smaller pieces of iron armor like fish scales.

Compared to the popular Zaga, the scales can provide a greater range of activity. Different crafts in different regions lead to different protective performances. Even the soldiers of tropical countries such as Egypt and Assyria who wear linen armor do not exclude scales.

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8.LARP Renaissance Costume

The scales of the early Western European Middle Eastern classics were far from being comparable to those of the Middle Ages. The scales worn by the Persian soldiers simply sewed the metal pieces on the clothes.

their protection in actual combat can imagined. Compared with the Sapporo, the unit quality of the scales reduced. The wearing comfort and flexibility greatly is also possible to wear two layers to strengthen the defense. It is a great progress in the armor process. The invention of scales was very early. China began to be popular since the Han Dynasty. Before the popularization of the plate, the West was also equipped with scales and chainmail armor.

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9.Hand Dragon

Although there is a gap between the delicate scales of the can still pierced from the gap. At the same time, because the nails are small, once the scales damaged. more work hours needed to repair and repair, resulting in the scales of the world.

A is not as rich as plate armor and chain armor. With the popularity and development of the stables, this era is also an era of heavy cavalry. The Chinese Northern Wei heavy cavalry, the Jin Dynasty “iron float map”, the Byzantine heavy cavalry, and even the knights of the Crusades were the most elite troops of their time.

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10.Men Leather Bracers

When the Crusades marched, the noble knights almost wore scales, weighing about 13 kilograms. They formed a hooded long coat that placed outside the close-fitting clothing. The weight of the scales carried by the shoulders which can effectively protect the swords and spears and other sharp weapons.

Scale making quite complicated and cumbersome, and the cost is high. Generally speaking, the finer the iron ring is, the better the protection performance is. Each iron ring must welded and connected.the workload can imagined. Therefore, the finer scales can only owned by nobles and princes.

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The scales of ancient and modern China and foreign countries can said to have made the ancient manmade that today’s people guessed that they confused. In the 8th century, the craft of scales made great progress, and it was similar to the iron scales of China’s BC, but the iron was not as good as the Chinese scales.

Fish scale-shaped pieces directly connected to each other and tightly covered both the mobility and the defensive ability are on a step higher than the original scales. However, such scales considered heavy in the West, they are very long-made must completely they are very expensive in the West even in the 10th century.

it was the armor that the great aristocrats of more than 1,000 acres could possess. There is also a symbol of identity in it. Therefore, some people on the Internet say that one of the reasons why scales can widely used is that it is easy to get which is really impossible to say.

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