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The earliest suit of armor in Europe appeared in the suit of armor Bronze Age of Great Britain,suit of armor Ireland, Scandinavia, and France, Germany, and Austria. One of the outstanding representatives of Celtic Art Deco is a bronze shield unearthed in Battersea (Northwest London) and Winchl West (a small town in southeast England), engraved with a swirling pattern of Celtic features. In addition, there are helmets decorated with geometric patterns and top feathers.

9/1015TH Century Combat Body
8/10The King's Guard Medieval 39 Inch
9/10Knight Wearable Costume
9/10Full-Size 68" Tall - Late Medieval
7/10Knight Crusader Costume
9/10Men's Halo Master Chief Ultra Prestige Costume
9/10Medieval Knight Full Body Armour
8/10Medieval Collectible Armor costume
9/10Dawn of Justice Supreme Edition Armored Batman
9/10Classic Life Size 7ft 16th-century Italian

The shape of the feather ornament is either two corners, or a flat triangle, sometimes both. This peculiar shape dates back to the 12th or 11th centuries BC.they seem to be used exclusively for Scandinavian helmets (but there is little evidence that the once-famous Vikings have equipped such angled helmets). Mosbruckschrofen in Austria has unearthed a helmet with a flat triangular apex dating back to the 14th century BC, which is probably the earliest surviving European helmet. However, these particularly beautiful helmet shields may not be designed for actual combat, but as sacrifices to the Celtic gods.

1.15TH Century Combat Body 

In the past, in the era of cold weapons.

many people felt that the armor of the Warring States period was very individual and very style. Many warrior armor masks were seen.

In fact, these armor and the equipment of the dynasty are far worse.

Which dynasty army in China used to be stronger than Japan in terms of combat power and equipment.

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2.The King’s Guard Medieval 39 Inch

The armor they can’t compare. The helmets and masks of the Japanese samurai are really scary. The old Japanese arrows were made of bamboo. If there is no technology that our Tang Dynasty passed, maybe there is no famous Dongyang.

Knife. Japan is a country with scarce resources. Of course, it is also iron-deficient. The female armor of the Japanese samurai is made of bamboo and iron. In the past, Japanese students learned the armor design of the Three Kingdoms in China, and made the Japanese warrior armor after returning home. Therefore, the Japanese Samurai armor and the armor of the Three Kingdoms are very similar.

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3. Knight Wearable Costume 

The raw materials of Japanese armor are bamboo strips, leather, hemp rope, and gorgeous decoration. It is a luxury item that can used by the upper warrior.

but the actual protective power is not good. One sentence is flashy. The latter should be the foot of Muromachi and the Warring States period. The structure is similar to that of the Western plate, but it is still rarely used in steel. The protection is far less than that of Milan, but it is a very good craft.

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4.Full-Size 68″ Tall – Late Medieval 

In addition, the front of the Japanese Samurai helmet is very unique, the world is unique. samurai armor basically used on ceremonies.

Japanese armor mainly used for court ceremonies and does not focus on practicality.

This also illustrates the two shortcomings in Japan, the lack of raw materials, and the Japanese are generally short, so the need for a mask to increase murder.

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5.Knight Crusader Costume 

Japan is a peculiar nation. As of today, shrines, museums, and even private collectors have a rich collection of armor and weapons from ancient times.

The number and preservation of the world are the best in the world. . In ancient Greece (900 BC – 31 BC), the tradition of decorating armor dates back to the Bronze Age. Although many ancient Greek armor manifests the beauty of the human body as a sculpture, some of them (especially helmets)  often decorated with carvings or embossments.

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6.Men’s Halo Master Chief Ultra Prestige Costume

The ancient Greeks usually only used copper armor to protect their heads, torso and calves. Although the ankle often well-regulated and has no decoration, the breastplate shaped according to the shape of the human chest and back, reflecting the Greeks’ admiration for the beauty of the human body. Many helmets engraved with simple geometric patterns on the edges.

but some are more complex and gorgeous. Ancient Greek pottery paintings show that many warrior helmets fitted with large headwear on the top, usually made of horse stables, while their large round shields carefully drawn with geometric patterns, animals or mythological scenes.

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7.Medieval Knight Full Body Armour

In the Roman era (500 BC – 400 AD), as a member of the first standing army in Europe, the soldiers of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire equipped with relatively simple and durable bronze armor or armor and on the shield The pattern marks the troops he belongs to.

On the other hand, commanders usually wear decorative armor. Although some of them are based on ritual nature, not functional. The centurio helmet has a feather. The flagifer decorates the armor with the fur of a lion, bear, or fox.

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8.Medieval Collectible Armor costume 

Hang the head of the above animal on the helmet. Some cavalry helmets engraved with portraits, patterns and plant motifs, and sometimes Roman soldiers wear an additional metal mask.

Various decorations have appeared on the horses of Rome. In the end, the gladiators, who deeply loved by the Romans, will also wear shields in battle.

Existing Gladiator’s protective gear includes headgear helmets, ankle guards, shields, etc.which mostly decorated with geometric, floral or character patterns.

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9.Dawn of Justice Supreme Edition Armored Batman 

During the period of the Great Migration to the early Middle Ages (400-1000 AD), the European protective gear changed significantly.

The entire armor usually consisted of a helmet, a chain armor (or scale), and a shield. Unfortunately.

the samples of this period that have preserved to date are extremely rare (for example, only four Anglo-Saxon helmets have survived so far).

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10.Classic Life Size 7ft 16th-century Italian

Therefore, it is difficult to accurately restore their true colors.

Considering the high price, only the king.the wealthy chiefs and the elite warriors can afford the beautiful armor.

In general, the chain armor is not suitable for decoration due to its structure (a large number of small iron rings compiled).

The helmet builders will be able to cross the sea on the accessories such as helmets, shields and even belt buckles.

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Wild boar-shaped headwear (and some a pair of large horns)  mounted on top of some of the British Anglo-Saxon helmets.

The most luxurious model probably the early 7th-century helmet unearthed from Sutton Hoo.with silver inlaid with figures and tinted copper depicting animal and Germanic mythology. Sutton Hu’s boat has a well-designed round wooden shield: the Shield boss in the center of the shield uses engraving, sheet metal, relief, inlays and other techniques to portray a large number of complex patterns. As in ancient times, the shields of the early Middle Ages all wooden, so often only the metal hand guards preserved for a long time.

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