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Viking armor in order to avenge Harold, Tostig began to look around for viking armor help. He first contacted viking armor Malcolm III, hoping to get support from the latter. Although Malcolm hospitalized Tostig, he did not give any promise.

The disappointed Tostig tried again to request the support of Count Flanders. Although Count Flanders was not interested in his plan, he hoped to take advantage of the Harold brothers’ misunderstanding. Then he acquiesced to Tostige to seek support from Flanders.

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At the beginning of 1066, Tostig sent a ambassador to King Sven II of Denmark and King Harald III of Norway, promising to support them to obtain the throne of England, hoping that one of them could promise his help to send troops.

Like the King of Scotland and Count Flanders.

Sven II had no interest in Tostig’s appeal. However, Harald III did not hesitate to agree to Tostig’s request and decided to send troops to compete for the throne of England.

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As the greatest Viking commander at the time, the burly Harald III was 6 feet 6 inches (1 meter 98) taller than the Viking descendants of the Normandy Duke William.

As early as Harald was 15 years old.

he went out with his brother Olav II and fought the king of the North Sea empire, Knut. However, in the battle of Sticklesta in 1030, the Norwegian army was defeated, and Olaf II also died in the battlefield.

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In desperation, the young Harald had to flee to Kievan Rus, to serve as an officer in the Ross Grand Duke Yaroslav I, and began his career as a Hummer. Soon after, the 20th year of Harald took 500 ministry down to Constantinople.

the capital of the Byzantine Empire, and played under the Byzantine Emperor Mihaier IV, and became the commander of the Varangi Guard.

During the ten years of Byzantine stay, Harald went on battle and won the title of Bulgar-burner for his outstanding performance in the 1041 Bulgarian War.

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In 1045, Harald returned to Norway and formed an alliance with his cousin, Sven, to seize the sovereignty of Norway by force. In 1047 he succeeded in inheriting the Norwegian throne, calling Harald III. Sven succeeded the Danish throne and called Swen II. Subsequently, Harald III repeatedly attacked Denmark in order to restore the territory of the North Sea Empire.

Although he has repeatedly won the victory, his attempt to expand the territory with military victory has had little effect. Just as Harald III was in trouble, Tostig’s arrival made him see another opportunity.

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Although most of the later historians believe that Harald III’s choice to intervene in the succession of the British throne is too rash, from the actual situation, Harald III’s military adventure is well documented.

As early as 1038, the former Norwegian King Magnus had signed an alliance treaty with Hasa Knut, who succeeded the throne of England. The treaty stipulates that if one party is innocent after death, the other party can inherit the throne of the deceased.

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Therefore, when Hasa Knut, who had no descendants, died in 1042, Magnus had the right to exclude the confessor Edward’s inheritance rights under this treaty. Although Magnus did not take action.

he never canceled the alliance treaty. Therefore, Harald believes that as the heir to Magnus, he deserves the right of the first king to inherit the throne of England.In addition to the pedigree basis, the Viking army of Harald III is also a source of confidence.

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Two centuries ago, the Vikings occupied half of England.Fifty years ago, under the leadership of outstanding leader Knuth, they successfully conquered England and established the Danish dynasty.

The Viking army consists of professional soldiers with heavy infantry. They use wooden round shields, spears and long swords to fight. Some of the powerful elite warriors also use a powerful armor-piercing weapon – two-handed axe. This battle axe with a handle length of 1.5-1.8 meters can cut through the opponent’s shield and helmet with a single blow, and is also a weapon to restrain the cavalry.

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In addition, the Viking Army has an advantage in long-range weapons and armor equipment. They are good at using bows and arrows in both naval and land warfare. There are a certain number of archers in the army. The armor’s equipment rate is higher than that of the English.

The Vikings began to equip horses after conquering East Anglia in 870, which greatly improved their onshore mobile combat capabilities. They usually ride horses while marching to improve their speed of entry, but they still fight down while fighting, in order to maintain the superiority of the heavy infantry in defense.

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In addition, the Vikings’ long ships have greatly enhanced their mobility. If the number of Englishmen is small, the Viking archers can use the long ship as a bunker to shoot the English militia who lacks armor and cover their own heavy infantry landing operations. If the number of English people is found to be large, the Vikings can quickly board the ship and evacuate. Turn to the weaker areas to continue to invade.

It can be said that the Viking army at that time had the functions of light cavalry reconnaissance, raids and cover operations. Cooperating with the original two types of heavy infantry and light infantry weapons systems, it has obtained all the advantages of conducting the attack. The English are everywhere, and it is difficult to organize an effective counterattack.

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Except for the close personal guards of the chiefs, the Vikings are not always full-time fighters and pirates. They also have roles as farmers, merchants, shipbuilders, craftsmen, etc. Fishing, farming, and buying and selling slaves are three activities that most Vikings must do to improve their lives.

A typical Viking family must first have enough land. The earliest Viking leader is the local tyrant. The Vikings are planted with oats, barley, rye and cabbage, and they are not robbed during the busy season. The Viking manor also keeps cattle, pigs, sheep and other livestock.

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A typical Viking farm house usually houses 12 people

The land in Northern Europe is not fertile, and the contradictions between the people and the land are small. The Vikings have expanded their own manors to rob themselves overseas. They have robbed people of money and grabbed land. The European feudal lords who were upset by the Vikings were upset. They have to give them the land.

Due to the short sunshine hours in Northern Europe, part-time fishermen have become a good way to improve their lives. Seals and whales are the most important prey for their fishing (the two animals are considered to be the most valuable “fish”). The Vikings were one of the first whaling nations to practice whale oil, and a whale could cook at least 275 barrels of oil.

In addition, the whale skin is also a very important thing for the Vikings

They will peel off the skin of the whole whale from start to finish and make it a rigging on the battleship. The whaling person was seen as a hero by the Vikings. A Viking leader named Ot even boasted that he had killed 60 whales in two days with six people (even if six of them were killed). wealth).

For the Vikings roman armor, farming and fishing can only be barely enough. Their most profitable business is selling people. The slave trade is the most important business of the Vikings. In the heyday of the Vikings, almost every family had two or three slaves. The slaves helped the owner to cultivate the land, allowing the owner to devote himself to the robbery without any worries. . The average middle class of the Vikings is 12 cattle, 2 horses plus two or three slaves. The number of slaves of the local leaders is generally more than 30, so the leaders are more active in the robbery.

The losers in the Viking war were slaves, and the original slaves of the Vikings were the defeated people in the village next door. “Once he grabbed his neighbor, he immediately sold his neighbor as a slave to a friend or stranger.” Jesus said that he would love your neighbor. Odin’s teachings to the Vikings were to defeat them and sell them as money. flower.

There are many places where Vikings robbery

They go to England and France to grab land and go to Italy to grab gold and silver. Eastern Europe has become their “human resources” (slaves are engaged in dredging, dropping manure, feeding animals, etc. Authentic human resources) market. The Vikings called the Slavs who lived in the woods in the woods and used stone tools as weapons. Because the Slavs were easy to catch, the Slavs gradually became a word with the slaves.

There are 400 personal guards around the Viking monarch who ruled Ross. These people eat buffets around him every day. Everyone has a slave girl who stays with the bed after dinner. The king himself has 40 exclusive slaves and the number of people. More species of serfs. When the Viking monarch died, his guards would pick out the favorite female slaves of his life, and the old woman called “Death Angel” would send her “accompanied” master.

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