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The samurai armor is a Japanese cultural element that we are familiar with samurai armor. This symbol carries samurai armor past and present. In the numerous games and film and television dramas, the appearance of the samurai or the heroic or gloomy is related to its armor. It is said that people rely on the clothes horse to lean on the saddle, and the samurai armor is also part of its cultural composition. But the ideal is that the beautiful reality is the bone; the image of the samurai in reality may be this image.

Let’s take a look at the samurai swords at the end of this sect. Are we some stunned? The warrior in the picture looks brave but the altitude is only one meter six or three, but this height is already the “giant” of the Eastern Warriors.

1.Edoten Japanese Samurai Hakama Uniform 

If you want to say that you must first speak people, the emergence of the warrior class has profoundly influenced the development of Japanese armor; these nobles who were recruited by the higher aristocracy to the place gradually formed the group of “wujia”, these people are warriors. Therefore, these hereditary combat forces began to have their own combat equipment, which is “big bang”. What is the characteristic of “big bang” is that the word “gorgeous” and the use of one word is “forced.”

Why do you want to do this? Very simple because of “military power”, in that era, the warriors battled quite a bit of the swearing of Song Yigong who refused to cross the river. The samurai who wore the “big bang” first went out to test the bow and arrow with the enemy warriors.

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2.Tamashii Nations Bandai Movie Realization Samurai Spider

and then sent the squadrons to fight the enemy. And these nobles and lords again put into the battle according to the situation, and can only carry out “single-handedness” with the warriors of the same level. The so-called “one-ride” is quite a bit of a soldier’s meaning to the soldiers; therefore, as the generals of the generals “Nature is gorgeous, but it is also expensive. First of all, this “big bang” can cause the enemy warriors to notice themselves and be singled out with themselves; secondly.

in order to win the fame under the eyes of the public, they must have witnesses. People; so wearing a “big bang” battle can be said to pull the wind to a great advantage; it is not a general peasant soldier can play, a proper local tyrant.

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3.Rubie’s Star Wars Samurai Darth Vader

Therefore, these “noble lords” are most afraid of encountering these gangs in the battle, because these “village husbands” who are usually soldiers in the wartime warfare can not have the false feelings between the nobles, the bodies of the lords “Dayu” is the spoils of these small people. After all, this set of “line” is expensive; not only can it be sold to “armor” to earn extra money, but it can also be used by itself, so it is said that it is “rich and dangerous.”

With the development of the times, “Dayu” has already withdrawn from the historical stage. Instead of it, it is a simplified version of the “Blood” and “Dayu” developed by the Infantry Armor. At the beginning, these “masters” still The food is not old.

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4.Bandai Tamashii Nations Meisho Movie

and the “big bang” is still the same, but the rise of the foot-light group and the changes in the battlefield environment have made the new armor a big hit.

The appearance of firearms rang the death knell of the “armor”. After all, the lead rifle of the arquebus can penetrate the armor of the warriors; so this “Southern Man” was on the stage of history. This kind of “Western style” armor can block the lead of the “fire rope gun”. However, with the longevity of the Edo period, the objects that should have appeared on the battlefield gradually became “decorations” and “decorations.”

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5.Forum Novelties Men’s Samurai Warrior Costume

Even some warriors who borrowed the “luxury” loan sharks rented the armor of the ancestors to the merchants to pay their debts. This is a great irony.

When the Americans opened a steam warship and opened the country gate of the shogunate, the firearms of the new era were no longer able to withstand the “Southern Man”, and those who fell down could not use the ancestral robes to defend the “ancestry of the ancestors.”

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6.Tamashii Nations Bandai Meisho Manga

After the installation of fast guns and flowering cannons, a new era was created and the warriors of the cold weapon era were thoroughly swept into the historical garbage dump.

Speaking of Mongolia, everyone will remember Genghis Khan who swept through Eurasia. Many people are curious, why did Kublai Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan, not take Japan? Perhaps many people will talk about typhoons. In fact, apart from the typhoon, there is still a big gap between the two sides’ equipment.

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7.Motorcycle Full Body Armor Protector Pro Street

In the cold weapon era, the cavalry was indeed the most powerful unit. But the powerful cavalry must have excellent equipment, and Mongolia at the time was a country with a very backward technology.

Since the technology is backward and the Mongols are also very direct, let others make weapons for them. They used the Mongolian iron ride to sweep across Eurasia and also got a large number of excellent weapons.

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8.Bandai Tamashii Nations Movie Realization

The Mongolian aristocrat’s favorite Schel scimitar was from Persia at the time. This knife was second only to the Damascus steel knife in India. But this kind of knife finally lost to the Japanese samurai sword.

During the Kublai Khan, Mongolia had twice expedition to Japan. The Mongols have a habit of not wanting to bring a lot of food when they go out, because it will weaken their fighting power. Where does the food come from?

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9.Armor Venue: Warriors Single Pauldron

Because the Mongolian iron ride is invincible, you can quickly decide. After the attack on the city, the first thing the Mongolians did was to ransack. Therefore, many cities that were attacked by Mongolia eventually became empty cities.

However, after encountering the Japanese, the Mongolian iron rider could not attack for a long time. First of all, the Mongolians are not familiar with water, and by boat to Japan, many people are sure to be unacceptable. Coupled with the suffocation of the coastal areas, and not yet snoring, they have fallen down a group of people.

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10.Adult wore it! Dan ball armor date Masamune

It’s hard to fight, and the advantage of the Mongolian cavalry is gone because of the slippery ground. What is most unbelievable to the Mongols is that their scimitars were cut off after they encountered the samurai sword.

Although the material used in Japanese samurai swords is very general, its casting process is excellent, giving it superior performance. In addition to the knife, the samurai armor performance is also very good, Mongolian bow and arrow can not be shot through.

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11.NAUTICALMART Leather Samurai Pauldron

Moreover, Japanese samurai received strict training from an early age, and their quality far exceeded that of Mongolian soldiers. Therefore, when the two sides fought, Mongolia could not eat any cheap, and it was because of Japan’s stubborn resistance. Finally, Mongolia’s supply had problems, and it was forced to withdraw.

Although Japan has caused tremendous damage to China, it has to be acknowledged that there are many technologies in this country that are indeed in a leading position. This is what we should learn.

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12.Would you wear! Cardboard armor costume

Japan has only a few civilizations in Asia with a history of more than a thousand years, and Japan is one of them. In this long history, there have been countless battles and killings, and the hyperthyroidism has developed step by step, and it has produced thousands of styles. Japan’s hyperthyroidism is world-famous and dazzling. Let’s take a look at the simple history of Japanese hyperthyroidism.
In the Japanese nature and culture.

there are too many contradictions that seem incompatible, but the Japanese can make them a “contradictory polymer” with great patience. The Japanese are both savage and civilized; they are both brave and brave; these are elegant and sly and both sentimental and cruel and ruthless……… too many irreconcilable contradictions.

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13.NauticalMart LARP Suit Of Armor

Before the opening of Japan, Japan was a very conservative society, retaining a large number of ancient cultures. In the true sense, Japan’s inherent culture is only a “Shinto” full of primitive religious nature, and the Japanese self-proclaimed “Great Harmony”. And it is this that represents the original nature of the Japanese soul.

Why is this so? This has to be analyzed from Japan’s unique human history and geographical environment. In the history of the Japanese, the Japanese people lived for a long time in an island country environment that can avoid external invasion and communicate effectively with the mainland. The history is very favorable for a single nation to continue its long evolution with the “self-regulation model”. The earth-shaking revolution.

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14.Armor Venue – Layered Steel Ratio Torso Protection

Therefore, the evolution and transformation of Japanese history was achieved by means of a “helicopter”-style “civilization” from the outside world. The Japanese advanced technology to advanced culture is “knowing why it is not known.” Therefore, the Japanese have been able to keep the “Han Talent and the Soul” and “Western Learning and Tao” with ease.

To put it bluntly, no matter how much the Japanese seem to “advance with the times”, in fact, their bones have always been the original people of the island.

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15.Armor Venue: Ratio Heavy Full Suit of Armor

Next, I will give another example. To reveal this in a deeper level, the ancient Japanese cultural things are known for their meticulous craftsmanship and ingenuity. This is fully reflected in the ruling warriors of ancient Japanese society. Known as the “Soul of the Warrior”, the warrior armor.

Its design is incredible and ridiculous; the manufacturing process is also ingenious. In these dazzling, people can’t help but be tempted by the Japanese’s design talents and artistic standards. In fact, it contains the amazing original nature of the Japanese people, as well as the fatal flaws of sticking to the rules and conservative lag.

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The Japanese armor seems to be full of whimsy

but in reality it is a highly contradictory combination of conservative and open. The opening is actually a scorpion, and the preservation of the bones is the foundation and foundation. The overall structure of the armor has changed little for thousands of years, and there are always fatal loopholes, and no one dares to get involved.

The “open area” of “delimitation” can be “extraordinary”. The “wisdom and talent” of the Japanese has been such a model since ancient times, and it is such a funny thing.

Let me first talk about the inconsistencies in the Japanese armor, and let go of the various “small pieces” on the Japanese armor. The overall structure of the Japanese armor is actually “one size fits all” and “highly homogenized”, no matter how big. In fact, the testicles and the abdominal rolls are all similar, and the infantry armor structure evolved directly from the “two armor” of the Chinese Southern and Northern Dynasties.

The Japanese design vision has not been considered

whether it can be improved on the body structure like China. No matter how high the identity, the decoration is so luxurious, the style structure is always a “step”.

Even the waist of the armor (the upper edge of the grass) will always leave a horrible fatal “neutral”, so that a blind person can feel the flaws, and those Japanese masters who immerse in how to design a stunning decoration style all day, For more than a thousand years, there is no one to make this loophole!

Japanese people’s “thinical thinking” and “bad and mediocre” are actually one thing. They seem to be stipulated by conventions and rules. What are the “insurmountable” design exclusion zones, and which ones can use to “freedom” to play the arts. Area”. They are free to play, they are omnipotent, they can’t  foule, and no one has been involved for thousands of years.

Look at the original arrogance contained in the decorative taste of Japanese armor. The shape of the Japanese armor, especially the helmet (the pocket), only unexpecte, not seen. Of course, the most common ones are the shape of the horns, the beasts, the strange fish, and the worms, which  obviously characterize by conspicuous and intimidating intentions.

The intention to design the “principle” is actually the most common mentality and practice of the original warrior. The armor of the indigenous primitive warriors from all over the world is still full of such “ingenuity”. However, the crafts of the indigenous people are very different from those of the Japanese Seiko.

In addition, as I said at the beginning of the article

most of the Japanese samurai origins have the original clan background (the emperor is also a descendant of the chieftain), like all the original tribal warriors who are extremely “tribal glory”, the “motivation of the Japanese samurai” “It’s nothing more than to make a name for yourself, but also for “Guangzong Yaozu.”

The dress of the tribal warriors has the original “animal” intentions, showing off their mighty power and intimidating opponents.

At the same time, a large number of tribal “totem” image symbols also collecte in the decoration. In order to promote the prestige of the tribe. The Japanese samurai’s dress also has such characteristics. Not only the armored flowers, but also the singularly singular and singular “finger, Ma Yin” and other things on the back, are not to show off their outstanding family life, this is the common samurai common Psychological appeal.

The laws of the animal world

each animal has the will to show themselves, attract partners or threaten the enemy. This animal instinct also inherite by humans, but it sublimate. But the more people in the original state, the more animal residues, the stronger the performance and the more direct.

Looking at these various designs, of course, depends on the introduction of superb advanced technology from China. The Japanese leather armor can do a good job, but the original wild taste that still not change in the millennium still reveale in the bones.

Comparing the armor of the original indigenous warrior

although there is a world of difference in craftsmanship, the hobby of the spirit is common.

The Mayan warriors of the Americas vigorously boasted of their mighty and “sacred”, as well as the symbols of the tribe/family. The “Guangzong Yaozu” are the most concerned and valued by the original tribal warriors.

The Aztec warrior inherited the custom of the Mayan warrior, wearing a variety of signs of bells and whistles, that is, both to “show the name” and “the glory of the glory.”

The Japanese samurai also has such a thing, called “finger”, which is both a symbol of the family and a symbol of its own, and is similar to Maya and Aztec.

During the Warring States period, the Japanese battlefield was as lively as the “Carnival Masquerade”. This scene see by the Chinese feudal army, which has fully evolve for thousands of years, and deeply shocke and puzzle. Reprimanded by the “non-life” criticism.

Until the Westerners visited Japan with modern scientific civilization

they still saw a strange world. It was nothing more than the nineteenth century. Western anthropologists studied Japan as an alternative.

Only in a large number of original remains of society, will such a samurai honor concept remain. In the ancient civilizations of the world that have fully evolved (autonomous evolution, not passive evolution), such as the centralized, highly centralized state of China, such a “small country and a small people” consciousness has long since disappeared.

Therefore, the armor of ancient China only use as a “national warfare” and assum by the state to carry out all functions such as research and development, design, manufacture and decoration. The quality is superior, the craft is superb, and the style is novel, but it is not a whistle. The Chinese armor is not as good as the Japanese armor, which is especially a kind of regret. It is better to say that it is a high-end performance.

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