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In order to protect the safety of astronauts, enable them to successfully complete the mission, and return to the earth safely, the scientists have made many improvements to the spacesuit. However, since the first time humans set foot on the moon, the study of astronaut helmets has not made any major breakthroughs in 47 years.

As humans look to Mars, landing and exploring Mars at close range is only a matter of time. Obviously, wearing an existing astronaut helmet to Mars is not a good choice. So NASA designers returned to the samurai helmet drawings and began designing astronaut helmets for use on Mars.

What should be the helmet used for the Mars exploration mission?

NASA experts believe that it should be more durable (can withstand storm attacks), be more flexible (making astronauts more convenient) and have a wider field of view (360° viewing angle). And it has to have higher visibility, wear an astronaut helmet, and the astronauts can clearly see the rough surface of Mars under their feet.

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Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano was working

with American astronaut Chris Cassidy on a space mission of about 6.5 hours. Suddenly his spacesuit cooling water began to leak into the interior of his helmet.

In a video released by NASA, Pamitano described what he was facing at the time: “It’s like your eyes are in the aquarium as you walk.”

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He said: “It feels very uncomfortable.”

Your entire face is almost immersed in the water.” His helmet was quickly filled with cooling water, and water poured into his ears, without his nose and mouth. He could hardly hear the sound and couldn’t see anything. Finally, he returned to the airlock cabin of the space station with his memory. He said: “I am very fortunate to be able to return to the cabin in time.”

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The spacesuit worn by astronauts

when performing missions outside the spacecraft is called “outboard spacesuits.” Inside the garment is a built-in cooling water circulation system that helps to regulate and maintain the stability and comfort of the spacesuit. Experts suspect that the cooling water in the space suit leaked into the astronaut’s helmet, which caused the accident.

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Chris Cassedy said in another video released by NASA: “Those waters will be very dangerous if they continue to leak.”

He explained that these cooling waters gradually began to invade the breath of Pamito spacesuits. To maintain the system, an oxygen line is connected to the inside of the helmet of the spacesuit, and the oxygen in the back oxygen reserve tank is input into the helmet.

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Cooling water leaked into the helmet from the back side of Pamitano’s head

and quickly passed over his communicator, rising all the way to his nose, mouth and ears. Cassedi said: “He has water in his ear, and a small portion of the water has begun to spread into his eyes and into his nose.” Later, when I checked, I found that Pamiton’s helmet had been filled. 1~1.5 liters of water.

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Pamitano is the first astronaut in Italy to enter space

In Houston, NASA engineers are nervously checking out what went wrong in those places and causing the leak. This kind of incident is a very serious accident for both the astronauts and the ground control center. At present, the accident investigation team that has been established by the NASA has carried out relevant investigations.

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In a speech last week, NASA officials pointed out: 

“The accident investigation committee will conduct extensive investigations on past operations and maintenance work, quality inspection, flight control and other organizational issues.”

He said: “The investigation The task of the committee will be to investigate the cause of the accident and make corresponding with french pith helmet.Recommendations accordingly in order to take further measures in the future to improve the safety of US manned space activities.”

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On the same day, the two astronauts’ departure missions

were originally to carry out some repairs and maintenance work in order to prepare for the docking operation of a new Russian spacecraft later this year, and to check the cabins being carried out here. Progress in the Surgery Experimental Project.

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The two astronauts, Cassidy and Pamitano, will work and live on the International Space Station for six months. The day’s extravehicular walk was planned to last for 6.5 hours, but the new football helmet leak occurred only 90 minutes. After the initial assessment, the ground control center decided to let the astronauts immediately exit the cabin and return to the space station.

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