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According to legend, the European plate is very cattle, and the knight helmet that matches the plate is also very cattle. Here we take a look at the four most cattle knight helmet in Europe.

Top 6 Knight Helmet

9/10Deco 79 Metallic Brass & Silver
9/10Medieval Role-Play
9/10Medieval Knight Crusader Spartan
7/10Gmasking The Devil Knight Wearable
9/10Medieval Knight Crusader
8/10Knight Crusader Spartan

It is said that the four helmets are not shot, the guns are leaking, and the knife is not cracked. But this does not mean that these knight helmet can keep their heads. If you use this hammer in China, you will finish playing immediately. With this stick, you will immediately concussion and your head will not be able to keep it.

1.Deco 79 Metallic Brass & SilverĀ 

This kind of helmet is very different made of steel, with two horns on both sides, like a horn, and it looks like a demon king after wearing it.

This kind of helmet is very thick, the arrow can’t be shot, the gun is not leaking.

the knife can’t be cut, and under normal circumstances. the protection is still very strong.

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2.Medieval Role-Play

This helmet was built around 1460-1480.It is the head of the Nemea lion.

It weighs three or four kilograms. The copper enamel shell is very delicate and looks very scary.

This kind of helmet has full protection against the head, and an attack by the knife and gun does not cause too much damage to the head.

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3.Medieval Knight Crusader Spartan

This helmet is a typical style of medieval European.knight helmets and is used with plate armor. The entire helmet riveted from iron plates.

the entire head is covered inside, leaving only a small slit in the eye. This helmet, while fully protecting the head.

also limits the field of view and cannot see weapons from the left and right.

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4.Gmasking The Devil Knight Wearable

This helmet equip with German.heavy cavalry and use with the plate armor.

It weighs 4082 grams and equip between 1560 and 1570.

This helmet, like the Cavalier helmet, is very protective.

but it is difficult to see the weapon from the left and right.

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5.Medieval Knight Crusader

European helmet cows are cattle- but they can only prevent lightweight weapons such as arrows.

swords, guns, knives, etc. If you encounter a heavyweight combat weapon, your protective ability will lost.

For example, China’s two weapons, one can win its brain smash, one can win its concussion.

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6.Knight Crusader SpartanĀ 

Mace. A kind of combat weapon in China-the length is about 170-190cm the short one is about 1m, the hammer head is generally between 40-60cm.

the weight is 10 to 20kg. The strength of picking up the helmet can not be 10 pounds and 20 pounds. The power can completely deform the helmet, and the impact is strong.

it immediately makes people concuss. European helmets and cattle, can not help but a slap in the face.

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Hexagonal copper hammer. A kind of combat weapon in China is a short-handled hammer. The handle is about one meter long. It make of pure copper. The single hammer weighs 4, 50 pounds, and the two weighs nearly one hundred kilograms. It use by the ancient giants. Such a heavy hammer on the European helmet is not a problem of concussion, but a problem of brain smashing. As soon as the hammer is down, the motorcycle helmets is flat, and it is finished playing immediately.

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