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My girlfriend recently bought a best motorcycle helmet for her friend. She was really excited about it. And, if I’m being honest, I was too. The world needs more comfortable, and the best motorcycle helmets can do it.

Unfortunately though, some motorcycle helmet was a lot poor quality than we thought it would be. With the LED lights were annoying, too – they were so bright at night that they lit up her entire space. It made me wonder if we’d just bought a bad brand, and if there were better motorcycle helmets out there.

Which of course is when I decided to write a review article on them!

Top 6 Best Motorcycle Helmets 2019

NameMore Info
1. SharkCheck Now
2. ModularCheck Now
3. ShoeiCheck Now
4. Best Quality / Price: SharkCheck Now
5. ScorpionCheck Now
6. HJCCheck Now

Quality are such a poor! You could be looking at the most beautiful piece of gadgetry the world has ever seen, and it could be ruined by an eyesore of tangled stone slag. And there are few first-world problems more irritating than the speed with which knots tangle.

That’s why nearly every sector in the motorcycle helmet industry is coming up with new and innovative ways to increase security; from controllers for your Shark to Nolan to now Shoei.

On this page I have selected the 6 best dual homologation motorcycle helmets that I have tested in the last two years.

In the second part of this shopping guide you can find benefits of clarification on the different criteria to pay attention before choosing his adjustable motorcycle helmet and answers to questions that I am often asked on the subject. We also have special reviews for full face helmets. Click here to learn more about Full Face Helmets.

What follows is a comprehensive review of 6 motorcycle helmets, picked either because I wanted to see if they were as good as they claimed to be, or because people asked me to look at them specifically. If you don’t want the deep dive and would rather get to the point with some useful takeaways, then here are the top 6 motorcycle helmets on the market:

Best price / quality modular helmet: the Shark Evoline Serie 3

In my mind, the biggest selling point for Shark’s EVOLINE SERIES 3 is its sleek design. It’s one of the most futuristic looking motorcycle helmets on our list. When I put a motorcycle helmet next to a Shark, I feel like the Shark is an artifact left behind by a time traveler from the 24th century. That’s how good the design is.

The Shark is a certified motorcycle helmet, meaning it works with a fair number of Head type, including the S – XL etc.

But, to be honest, as good as it looks, this isn’t the most trendy motorcycle helmet on the market. There are some seriously fashion wireless motorcycle helmets out there. At the upper end, some will cycling at a rate of 150 horse. On the lower side, we have motorcycle helmets that will hobble along at a speed of 100+ horse.

Because of the different designs between Nolan and Shoei devices, Shoei can be speeded faster than Nolan products. Shark motorcycle helmet’s faster than three of the other helmets on our list, slower only than one, and as fast as the other five.

The Modular Motorcycle Helmet Tests

1. Shark Evoline 3 Series bluetooth motorcycle helmet

Evoline 3 Series bluetooth motorcycle helmet

Modular helmet brand SHARK, this Evoline Serie 3 has a convex shape a little original for this type of motorcycle helmet adjustable upscale. This is Shark’s newest modular motorcycle helmet release with this Evoline 3, which guarantees a quality of design as much as an upgrade of the present technology, all with a truly matte color. sublime.

Motorcycle Shark Evoline Series 3 Helmet Test Summary

With integrated sunglasses and a very high noise resistance, this SHARK modular helmet is made of Polycarbonate.

As for all EVOLINE it also has a location for the Shark Tooth (bluetooth system proposed by SHARK).

We will appreciate the anti-fog and anti-scratch screen. Note that it is also completely removable to facilitate its maintenance.

It is a very good helmet for this price and you will not regret your purchase, I tried it several times and it is really very comfortable to wear. We may regret a lack of aerodynamics because of its rounded shape, but really nothing bad. The breathable design has a reference to the design of the pith helmet. Please refer this article to explain pith helmet.

What we like
  • Comfort
  • The price
  • Bluetooth installed
  • Integrated sunglasses
  • Easy opening
  • The compatible pinlock
What we regret
  • No integrated pinlock

2. Modular motorcycle helmet Nolan

Nolan motorcycle helmet

First modular helmet of this top 9, we find the Nolan N104 helmet, reference ultra known among bikers. Evolution of the N104 EVO, it has the double homologation ECE 205 like all the other motorcycle helmets presented on this page, and it has at the same time of an optimal comfort but also of characteristics and options making it very attractive.

Summary of Nolan N104 motorcycle helmet test

The screen of the N104 allows easy cleaning and has an anti-UV device but also anti scratch. Allowing you to switch from full mode to jet mode thanks to the Dual Action system, this modular helmet can be easily opened with gloves while driving.

Like the following modular headphones, it does not have a built-in bluetooth system but can easily receive the Bluetooth N-Com Bluetooth system B4 offered by the NOLAN brand.

Small regret this helmet does not integrate directly Pinlock, but he can receive it thanks to the easy disassembly of the main visor.

Small plus by cons, there is a support glasses specially designed for those who need it and will find more comfort with this modular helmet.

Ergonomic, I really appreciate the shape of this helmet. The Nolan N 104 is one of the quietest motorcycle helmets available, especially in full position, but also in jet position.

The Nolan N104 is a little more expensive than the SHARK I placed in top product but it is really worth the detour for those with a budget a little wider. Impossible to be disappointed with this ultra-flexible modular helmet.

What we like
  • Comfort
  • The price
  • Integrated sunglasses
  • Anti UV + Anti scratch
  • The compatible pinlock
What we regret
  • No integrated pinlock
  • No bluetooth installed

3. Another very good choice: the Shoei Neotec

Shoei motorcycle helmet

Having tested various modular helmets present in this complete comparison of the 9 best modular helmets in 2018, I chose the Shoei Neotec UNI which represents for me what is best in terms of ergonomics and comfort.

Summary of Neotec Modular Helmet Test

This modular motorcycle helmet has of course the double homologation P / J (you can find it in sport mode, or with other colors) for a fair price.

It has a very good grip for a minimum of noise, both in full mode and Jet mode and it is really impressive compared to other modular models. With easy access to the chin strap even with gloves.

you can open and close your visor at any time even while driving.

It comes with 99% UV filters and has a notch system for those who wear glasses. Another big advantage is that the Pinlock is integrated and already mounted, which is quite rare on even recent models. To finish it has a system of emergency rescue of the foam of cheeks allowing you to free you more easily of the helmet.

I have worn this headset for a long time and it has never disappointed me. As I said, in terms of comfort for a modular helmet, I do not know better now on the market. Only drawback for this price: it does not directly include a Bluetooth kit, but remains subject to accept very easily through a pre-installation. Note that Shoei offers different designs for this Neotec version.

In addition to the Shoei Neotec UNI which I think is the best modular helmet currently and you can find higher in this comparison, other models of high-end modular motorcycle helmet are also of very good quality and will allow you to find other designs and options allowing you to find the best modular helmet according to your criteria.

The set of modular helmets presented below all have the double homologation to be worn both in Jet mode and in full mode as well as very good opinions.

What we like
  • Comfort
  • The weight
  • aeration
  • The integrated pinlock
  • UV filters 99%
What we regret
  • The price

4. Best Quality / Price: Dual Black by Shark Openline

Best Quality motorcycle helmet

Modular high-end motorcycle helmet, the SHARK Openline is one of the best modular helmets available today in a lower price range than the Shoei presented above. For less than 200 you will have a high quality modular helmet.

Summary of the modular motorcycle helmet Shark Openline test

What we can remember from this modular helmet is that it is composed of 4 layers of glass fiber, that it has a photochromic visor of very high quality which blocks 100% of UVA and UVB and that it comes with a pre-drilled screen allowing the installation of a Pinlock easily if you wish.

In terms of the options specific to modular helmets we will find of course the ECE 22.05 homologation, an opening of the helmet facilitated with access to a hand, and a weight of 1750 grams which remains suitable for the long road.

Even if this modular SHARK helmet is not directly equipped with a bluetooth system, you will be able to buy a Shark motorcycle bluetooth kit and easily install it on the helmet since it is pre-arranged to receive this type. in any case for SHARKTOOTH kits.

Modular helmet of very good quality, this SHARK Openline has a sporty and classy design giving it a suitable look whether on motorcycle or scooter.

With a reduced price compared to high-end modular headphones, this headset is doing very well in our ranking by its predisposition to easily accommodate the Pinlock and the Bluetooth system all with a high quality of manufacture and ventilation. good bill.

What we like
  • The price
  • Comfort
  • The weight
  • Strong and resistant
  • Easy opening
  • The compatible pinlock
  • UVA filters – UVB 100%
What we regret
  • No integrated pinlock
  • No built-in bluetooth

5. Modular ScorpionExo helmet

Scorpion motorcycle helmet

Despite its name, this ScorpionExo helmet is a modular helmet. Manufactured in clear composite, this modular helmet has the double homologation jet and integral. It is also a very good value for money.

Summary of the ScorpionExo motorcycle helmet test

A little heavier than its predecessors and does not have the bluetooth system, it is nevertheless available at a lower price (less than 400 on Amazon). Its various anti-fog and UV protection make it a high-end modular helmet.

Very comfortable to wear it adapts very well to different forms of face to always reduce noise.

It is a very good, modular, quiet helmet for those who are looking for priority this criterion you will not be disappointed with this helmet ScorpionExo.

What we like
  • Comfort
  • The price
  • Anti fog
  • Easy opening
  • The compatible pinlock
What we regret
  • No integrated pinlock
  • No built-in bluetooth

6.Another cheap: HJC motorcycle helmet

HJC motorcycle helmet

Other high-end modular headphones, we find the brand HJC offers us a modular headset placed between the very high range and cheap models of modular headsets with this HJC.

HJC modular motorcycle helmet test summary

Available in a beautiful matte color but also in white and gray, this adjustable helmet has an integrated sun and is equipped directly Pinlock system, all for less than 300 , which is quite rare.

Helmet sum quite classic design as options available, HJC still offers a very successful product. Accustomed to more economical models, HJC places all its expertise in higher ranges, and this HJC is the most beautiful illustration.

To list some features we find in particular the ventilation system of HJC which provides better ventilation in full position, predisposition to receive a Bluetooth kit and a specific rounded visor position that reduces fogging.

It’s really a very good modular helmet. I like his class with this pretty black mat and its sporty form.

What we like
  • Comfort
  • Cheap
  • Anti-misting visor
  • Easy opening
  • The compatible pinlock
What we regret
  • No integrated pinlock
  • No built-in bluetooth
  • Not very quiet

What is a modular motorcycle helmet?

A modular helmet is a motorcycle helmet placed between the Jet helmet and the full-face helmet. Indeed it allows to open and close according to the desires and needs of the moment simply by raising the chin. Very practical for riding a motorcycle according to the weather conditions and the weather, this type of helmet makes it possible to have a helmet with flexible uses and to not need to buy two helmets.

Decline of the modular motorcycle helmet, the convertible helmet allows you to completely remove the chin to really enjoy all the contributions of a Jet helmet.

Which modular helmet tochoose?

Choosing a good modular helmet is important. Indeed, with the first models, we found defects that did not satisfy lovers Jet helmet or those preferring to have a full face helmet.

The noise

The first defect was that of noise. Therefore, the lack of adhesion of the walls of the helmet to the skull. That make the air passed and the absence of silence felt. Now, This defect has been completely corrected on the best models of modular helmets.

On most models of silencer modular helmets we find a very good quality adhesion up to sometimes exceed some very good models of full face helmets and Jet helmets.

Double homologation

The other point to look at before buying your adjustable helmet is whether it has dual approval. Indeed a modular helmet is neither a Jet nor an integral. To be able to roll that the helmet is open or not. it is necessary that it has the double homologation which is not the case on all models.

In concrete terms, there must be the letter P and the letter J, each corresponding to the Jet and integral homologation. If this is not the case you will only be able to ride with the chin strap folded down. The set of helmets proposed below normally has this double homologation.

Choose your modular helmet

To choose your motorcycle modular helmet we advise you to pay attention to a few points (see our comparative below) to fully enjoy the road.

Check the ease of adjustment with the gloves for the chin strap. Indeed the particularity of the modular helmet being to be able to go up your screen of driving. Thanks to a chin strap placed on the face of the helmet. It is better to be able to reach it easily with the gloves to do it while driving.

(PS: we remind you that if no letter J on your adjustable helmet.

it don’t allow to drive with the chinrest raised).

Check that your adjustable helmet has a built-in sunscreen to help you get the best driving conditions.

as well as an anti-rain option.

As with all motorcycle helmets. various options integrated into the modular helmets depending on the model. If some models do not have the options you want it is always possible to add them yourself later. Here are some options ideas available:

Bluetooth headphones;
helmet with Pinlock;
helmets with glasses.

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