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Although a pith helmet might not be top of your equipment list for your next trek, as your first defense against the powerful rays of the sun, it’s actually an important item of clothing to get right. For every keen lover of trekking, finding the best hiking pith helmets to suit you is an essential step on the path towards enjoyable adventures in the great outdoors.

But are you baffled by brims and breathability? Or you wondering which hat will keep your head cool on a hot summer’s day?

At The Chromehelmet, we’re always looking to help make the process of buying new equipment as painless as possible. So we’ve trawled through the best offerings in headgear to put together this guide to our selection of the best pith helmet for hiking and how to find the one most suited to you.

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Top 12 Pith Helmet

NameMore Info
Indian Pith HelmetCheck Now
Men's Pith Helmet Hat Check Now
Jungle and BeeCheck Now
French ArmyCheck Now
Twisted Toyo Straw Check Now
BritishTropicalCheck Now
Village HatCheck Now
Pith Helmet (WHT)Check Now
RothcoCheck Now
Funny PartyCheck Now
Sun Safari White Check Now
Outdoor Bucket HatsCheck Now

1.Indian Styless

Indian Pith Helmet

The Indian Pith Helmet has the cool and useful features you want in a hat, all at a very reasonable price. It cover in cotton twill to allow heat to escape and air to flow in, which will help keep you cool and comfortable. The hat’s moisture-wicking capabilities, UPF 50 sun protection, and non-glare under visor make it a perfect hat to protect your head and eyes from the heat and glare of the sun. The polyester/Spandex fabric wicks away water, so it’s also a good choice for rainy or sweaty runs. With the Velcro closure on the back, you can adjust the hat for a customized fit.

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This extremely lightweight Indian Pith Helmet comes in both men’s and women’s sizes, so it’s easy to find a pith helmet that’s right for you.

What we like
  • Good ventilation
  • Lightweight material is good at wicking moisture
  • Great protection all around, especially on the back
What we regret
  • Looks a little dorky

2.Conner Hats MEN’S

Men's Pith Helmet Hat
New to our review in 2019, the Conner pith helmet protected our skin, stole our hearts, and earned a place in the spotlight as one of our two Editor’s Choice winners. With its clean lines and classic style, this is one of the most attractive pith helmets we tested, but it performs so much better than a simple fashion accessory. The Conner holds up extremely well to being folded up and crushed into a pack, and it’s durable and breathable. The design of this pith helmet makes it more compatible with a backpack than the other full-brim hats we tested, so it’s an option for multi-day trips in the backcountry. This is also one of the most comfortable models we tested, so much so that we could go all day without taking it off.

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No pith helmet is perfect, and the Conner’s main downsides are that it’s not adjustable (though it comes in 3 colors) and it’s not as protective as some of the other hats in our review, especially the cape-style helmets. For the most technical of outdoor pursuits, where you’ll be spending long days in extreme conditions, this might not be the best option. That’s why the Conner remains our Editors’ Choice for Technical Use. But if you’re looking for a durable, comfortable pith helmet that can take you from the trail to the bar patio, the Conner is your best bet.

What we like
  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Well ventilated
What we regret
  • Not adjustable

3.Jungle and Bee Keepers

Safari Straw Pith Helmet
Providing UPF 50 protection, the kainozoic is a lightweight pith helmet that includes mesh side panels affording airflow over the sides of your head. Plus, an external cinch-strap lets you customize your helmet’s fit while a removable chin cord offers extra security on those windy days.

One of the most protective pith helmets on the market, the removable cape provides total sun protection for your entire neck and has a 50+ UPF rating. It is also very lightweight and comfortable and features a Velcro strap allowing you to create a custom fit.

While the pith helmet is very breathable, the cape does tend to heat up your neck since it is touching it. If you don’t need the total protection of the cape, it is possible to cinch it back giving you more airflow and breathability. Our pick for the best hiking pith helmet for hot weather.

What we like
  • Easy to adjust chin strap
  • Features a long cap that covers your ears and neck
  • Heat build-up is prevented by the lightweight material and side air vents
What we regret
  • Not the most stylish (if that worries you)

4.French Army Tropical in British Khaki

French Pith Helmet
If you want a more casual-looking pith helmet without diminishing your requirements for sun protection, you should go for Sunday Afternoons Excursion helmet. The technical straw used to make this hat offers UPF-protection of 50 while also being water-resistant, e.g. it sheds water splashes rather than letting it through.

The French Army Tropical Pith Helmet can quick-adjust Headband while there inside is a moisture-wicking sweatband that can be adjusted, so that the sizes available respectively fit heads with a circumference between 21¾ and 22¾ inches. The French Army Tropical Pith Helmet is available in natural colors (Soapstone and Burlap) that will look as great in town as on the trails. Unisex Style & OSHA Fit.

What we like
  • Lightweight
  • Packs down small
  • Extreme sun protection
What we regret
  • Can get hot on the back of your neck

5.Twisted Toyo Straw PithSafari Hat

Toyo Straw Pith Safari Helmet Hat
The Pith Safari Helmet by CTM is made with advanced technology and is packed with added features. This pith helmet is made of out 100% Twisted Toyo Straw. The fabric has Omni-Wick to help get rid of and prevent the buildup of sweat. There is a UPF 50 rating, which blocks out 98% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

This pith helmet is perfect for fishing as it features a mesh breeze vent to help keep you cool and protected while you spend long hours on the water. This outdoor pith helmet has an adjustable drawstring cord to ensure that it fits comfortably and snug on your head. The hat has a men’s fit and comes in one size. With CTM’s design, you’ll have the perfect accessory to venture out on to the water.

What we like
  • Packable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
What we regret
  • Not super stylish

6.British Foreign Services Style Khaki Tropical

Khaki Tropical Pith Helmet
The Mil-tec British Foreign Services Pith Helmet has a wide brim and is made of lightweight, UPF 50-certified material (100 percent textured poplin). The pith helmet’s sweatband draws moisture away from your skin and into the fabric where it spreads and evaporates quickly — keeping you cool and dry even when the sun is blazing.

The pith helmet also has a mesh panel that runs around the sides and back. This helps to vent hot air away from your head (although it’s important to be aware that the mesh itself is not UPF protected). Other highlights include an adjustable chin strap for securing the hat on windy days and a toggle at the back for achieving a customized fit. We particularly like the Mil-tec’s packability. Simply fold it flat and tuck it into a jacket or backpack pocket whenever you’re not using it. Colors is traditional fossil (khaki).

What we like
  • Stable
  • Good in wind
  • Good protection
What we regret
  • Large brim not good for backpacking

7.Village Hat Shop Toyo Straw

Toyo Straw Pith Helmet

The incredibly hot summer sun must not get you worried in any way because you have the Village Toyo Straw Pith Helmet. Thoroughly designed with the UPF 50+ material, this hat guarantees to offer you with complete protection from harmful sun rays. On top of that, it features vents that use the wicking material in crown to ensure your head remains cool. We’re sure that you’ll find this particular hat important for numerous outdoor activities. By using it, you are going to be capable of avoiding dry face and sunburns.

Very good materials are used in this particular Village pith helmet , this is light in weight and weighs in at 78-g only, and it provides great protection from UV rays.

It entails a superb protection from sun and also your face is going to be in the shade much of the time. But simultaneously, this sort of size means it may be unstable in the windy circumstances.

Inside this pith helmet, you will have a dampness wicking headband as well as in crown; you will have mesh for extra layer.

What we like
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
What we regret
  • Small fit

8.WHT Style

Men's British Empire Pith Helmet
The Historical Emporium is a reasonably-priced pith helmet which is suitable for changeable weather conditions. The ripstop nylon fabric provides UPF 50+ protection while the piping along the brim and adjustable chin strap prevents it from losing its shape or blowing away on windy days.

The pith helmet is unisex and available in various colours and sizes. Whichever colour you choose, the hats underside will be a light absorbing dark grey. What’s more, the combination of an internal mesh structure and adjustable headband, plus moisture-wicking fabric with four large air vents should keep your head cool and comfy throughout your traveling.

What we like
  • Reasonable price
  • Glare reducing brim
  • Structure provides good ventilation
What we regret
  • Not waterproof

9.Rothco Choose

white Pith Helmets
Rothco Pith Helmets is snug and secure, no drawstrings are necessary to keep this cap on your melon. The 5-panel design is form fitting while the nylon and adjustable strap will accommodate a range of head sizes.

The brim is made from a water-log proof polyethylene so you can bounce back from those rain clouds thanks to the quick-drying material.

One of the more stylish, youthful pith helmet at that, it’s available in 3 attractive colors: Khaki, Khaki, and White.

That’s all music to our ears, but the best part about the Rothco is its packability. Made from 100-percent lightweight nylon, this pith helmet packs down to the bill so you can stuff it in your day pack and bust it out when you need it.

Leave the big pith helmet for the traveling, this is what you’ll want on the trail.

What we like
  • Stylish
  • Packable
  • Comfortable
What we regret
  • Not well ventilated

10.Funny Party Hats

Men's Adult Pith Helmet

This wide brim pith helmet is made to fit slim, look sleek, and get the job done while keeping you cool. The addition of the durable materials on the back gives complete protection for you.

There’s nothing particularly attractive about mesh paneling for vents. Frankly, it can look gaudy.

So Jacobson pith helmet opted for thin, stretchy side panels that are just as cool and ventilated while still looking sleek.

What we like
  • Reasonable price
  • Adjustable headband
  • Excellent sun protection
What we regret
  • Limited sizes available

11.Sun Safari High Quality

Sun Safari Pith Helmet
The Sun Safari Pith Helmet provides breathability, venting, and packability yet is comfortable enough that you won’t mind wearing it. This new design combines the best features of the previous model and improves on them, offering lighter fabrics (that are still UPF 50+) and a slimmer silhouette.

We had to remove other pith helmets to see when navigating snow-covered mountain passes, but the clamshell brim on the Sun Safari stops just before the ear, balancing coverage with visibility. The brim also stays rigid in the wind—protecting the face from the sun even during gusts. When the breeze picks up, you won’t lose it, thanks to adjustable sizing and a good chin strap. Designed with holes to hold sunglasses plus reflective tape for low-light situations, it also packs down easily for travel and retains its shape afterward.

What we like
  • Buoyant
  • Hidden pocket
  • Sun protection
What we regret
  • Don’t Available in multiple sizes and colours

12.Outdoor Men CapsSummer Bucket Hats

Breathable Hiking Fisherman Pith Helmets
Chiceds take on the Breathable Hiking Fisherman Pith Helmet has gained them a large loyal following, and it definitely isn’t hard to see why! Available in 4 different colors and made from a 100% high quality polyester that is comfortable while remaining strong and durable.

This is a great unisex pith helmet that offers a sleek style in addition to reliable coverage from the sun and heat. Chiced talks about taking pride in the quality of their products and even a small amount of time with these pith helmets goes to show why.

They are built to be professional quality, and fit most average adult heads. Going even beyond really great quality materials, the top notch stitching and pattern design helps you take confidence in knowing this lightweight, comfortable, and durable pith helmet gives outstanding protection that holds up to even the most challenging of long-term hiking conditions.

What we like
  • Stylish simple design
  • Comprehensive sun protection
  • Available in different colours and sizes
What we regret
  • Not the most durable hiking pith helmet

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