Top 10 Samurai Helmet To Choose

During the Warring States Period in Japan, there were many types of samurai armor, and the shape was also strange. In particular, there was a giant horn on the samurai helmet. Is it not afraid to affect the war?

Actually, the design of the samurai helmet is quite strong, although I don’t know how practical it is, but it is full of shock.Generally, only the leader will wear such complicated armor and samurai helmet, and the symbolic meaning must be greater than the actual effect. In different eras, the armor of the samurai also has different evolutions of type.

Top 10 Samurai Helmet

ScoreScenes To Be Used 
9/10Collectible Figurine
8/10Tokugawa Ieyasu
8/10Statue Figurine Model
9/10Kuroda Kanbei
9/10Leather Lanyard
9/10Cosplay BB Kabuki
9/10Samurai Standard Costume
9/10Samurai Adult Costume

This time, we will briefly talk about the story of armor during the Warring States Period in Japan. If you are interested, let’s take a look.

When the ancient Japanese wars with football helmet, the helmets of the samurai (especially the upper warriors) are very wonderful, but the miracles are wonderful, these seemingly wonderful helmets are useful.

1.Sanada YukimuraCollectible Figurine

safe. The main purpose of the helmet is to protect the head.In the ancient Japanese war, the bow and arrow were used very much, and the Japanese bow has a very strange place. The penetrating power of the Japanese bow is very strong, but the curve is shot.Not so good, neither penetration nor precision. But when you fight, you won’t give the opponent too much chance to shoot, so only the curve shoots. At this time, these wonderful helmets can effectively block the arrows from the air. For example, it is not difficult to shoot a person with a bow and arrow in the distance, but if the person stands under a tree, the branch will block your arrow to a certain extent, you will be hard to hit, right?

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2.Tokugawa Ieyasuwith cushion, box – Japan import

majestic. The more exotic the helmet the more the majesty of the high warrior can be reflected, especially as the warrior of the famous name. The ancient Japanese wars, the small soldiers are temporarily recruited, so they basically don’t know each other. At this time, in order to facilitate the command, Two things are needed. The first is that the soldier is printed with a coat of arms symbolizing the family, and the second is the helmet of the commander.

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3.Oda NobunagaStatue Figurine Model

To give you an example, the war of the Japanese Warring States period the Takeda family VS Tokugawa + Oda joined forces, at that time, the loyalty to the Takeda family’s mountain county Changjing as the elite of the Takeda family’s elite cavalry, a horse first entered the coalition army, the result His bright red armor and his wonderful helmet, his identity was exposed. At this time, the Tokugawa family general Bento Chung Shing shouted, “The man is the mountain county Changjing”, and suddenly dozens of firearms are together. The fire broke the mountain county Changjing into a horse cell. . .

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4.Kuroda Kanbei

Japan has only a few civilizations in Asia with a history of more than a thousand years and Japan is one of them. In this long history, there have been countless battles and killings, and the hyperthyroidism has developed step by step, and it has produced thousands of styles. Japan’s hyperthyroidism is world-famous and dazzling. Let’s take a look at the simple history of Japanese hyperthyroidism.

ridicule to pull hatred, if the ancient wars can kill the enemy’s well-known generals or general generals, it is naturally a great achievement, but how can Wanjun find the opposite general?Then only look at the helmet, the more the helmet is obvious, it must be the general will be correct, if you can get rid of it, you will be rewarded after the fight.The opposite is also the case, because my helmet is very obvious, so the enemy will definitely attack me with the target, and the enemy who dares to attack is naturally not a leisurely generation. At this time, he only needs to wait for him to come and kill him.just don’t like pith helmet for sale.I can also make meritorious deeds.

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5.oleksandr.victory Bead Bronze Paracord Leather Lanyard Beads Hand

To give you an example, during the Warring States Period of Japan the Guanyuan decisive battle, the head of the Shimadzu family of the Western Army, Shimazu Shimizu, was about to lose.

He wanted to commit suicide. At this time, his nephew Shimadzu had come over to persuade him. It say that staying in the green hills is not blazing for firewood, so that it is not possible to accounte for here as Shimadzu’s head.Shimadzu said that there are so many enemies, how can we break out? His nephew said it doesn’t matter, the enemy will definitely aim at your head. You just need to change my armor with me, let me wear your armor to attract the enemy’s firepower, and then you will break through. Shimazu Yoshihiro succeeded in breaking through, and his nephew died. This is the best case of hatred.

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6.Metal DIY Paracord Beads Charms EDC Accessories

The first period: the ancient period the early period of the Heian period (-10th century), subject to the productivity conditions at that time, mainly in the form of short armor, armor and other simple and simple armor.The so-called armor refers to the use of a rope to pierce and laminate the nail piece, and the lower piece of nail covers the bottom end of the upper piece to form an armor pattern whose lower layer is wider than the upper layer. The two-speed armor of the Nara era is the predecessor of the future. The short armor is a piece of leather or metal that splice ​​together to protect the main part of the carcass. This period spanned thousands of years, but because it is too far away, there do not many originals preserve.

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7.CooB EDC Paracord Bead Beads Pendant Charm Hair Beard. Hand

The second period: the middle of the peace-Kangcang era (11th-13th century) Dagu, Suiwan, and abdomen, which have strong Japanese characteristics, began to develop. At that time, the samurai wore a shovel-shaped front star, a star pocket or a rib pocket, a foot wearing a donkey, and riding in the era of using bows and arrows.

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8.ATAIRSOFT Halloween Costume Cosplay BB Evil Demon Monster Kabuki

Otsuka originated from two-speed armor and appeared in the middle of the Heian era Unlike ordinary people’s understanding, the big cockroaches do not make entirely of bamboo and wood. For the purpose of improving the protective ability, iron materials also use in key parts.A full set of big gongs weighs more than 30 kilograms. It say that Tokugawa Ieya has once complained that wearing a big cockroach is too heavy, which shows that its protection is high. However, the main disadvantage of the big cockroach is that its rigidity lacks a flexible box-like structure, so that when the warrior dismounts, the activity limite.

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9.Rubie’s Star Wars

The third period: the Southern and Northern Dynasties – Muromachi era (13th-16th century) is an era in which political power is alternately chaotic and local forces are expanding.

The testicles and abdominal rolls have widely use in this period.These armor are light and practical, suitable for walking on foot.In this era of the gradual replacement of the samurai samurai as the main force in the war.

the transformation of the development of hyperthyroidism is also brewing.

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10.Forum Novelties Men’s

The fourth period: Warring States Period – Taoshan Age (16th-17th century)in this glorious and chaotic era, the sturdy and lightweight features of the world have become popular and become the mainstream armor.When the world is in the middle of Muromachi, its meaning is “modern armor.” However, in fact, this name first appear in the Edo period.At that time.

the people in the Edo period called the “King of the past”.

and the “King of the World”  call “the world.” With the use of arquebuses known as “iron cannons”.

the style and performance of the armor  greatly affect.

and the South Barbarian, which influence by Western armor.

also began to appear.The shackles and pockets of different styles coexist in this era.

which is the era of great prosperity of the armor.

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The fifth period: In the early days of the Edo period – at the end of the dynasty.

in the Taiping prosperity of the shogunate in Tokugawa Ieyasu.

the practical value of the scorpion gradually gave way to rituals and decorations.

In the period of culture, culture and politics (1804 ~ 1830), pith helmet for sale was popular, and at the end of the Edo period, the lighter refining tools made of raw cowhide paint began to be popular among the lower warriors. In the Edo period, a lot of luxurious armor also preserve and it is an important cultural heritage.

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