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The spartans’ spartan armor pedigrees are destined that they will not be like potters spartan armor or artists like everyone else, and their children spartan armor will only do one thing from the age of seven – killing their enemies. Spartans are extremely strict in the selection of soldiers, and weak babies will be ruthlessly abandoned.

They apply this strictness to the choice of weapons. Spartan warriors headed to the battlefield and will be equipped with two short weapons, one called “Xiphos”, which resembles a Roman dagger. The other is called “Kopis”, which is a real killing weapon. If you use data to restore it, it may be longer. From the shape of this weapon, it is like an extended version of the dogleg knife. The handle of the handle. The design is more suitable for the battlefield, but obviously requires more effort to use it.


Why are the beautiful abdominal muscles and pectoral muscles engraved on the armor worn by the ancient Egyptian warriors? From the ancient texts, pottery and archaeological evidence, some ancient Greek warriors, such as the armor, will wear armor like Batman, and later the army slowly gave up this style.

However, this kind of armor does not only stay in the past, its style also penetrates into popular culture, such as the image of Disney’s strong man.

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2.THORINSTRUMENTS (with device) Medieval King Spartan

The ancient Greeks used armor to embody a “heroic nude” – exaggerated chest muscles, firm back muscles, beautiful abdominal muscles, and even armor that highlights the calf muscles. Why is this? Ancient history professors Hans Van Wees and Lee L. Brice shared their views.

Armor with muscle lines seems to be unique to ancient Greece, which is more for the sake of good looks than for practical use, because the combination of making nipples and abdominal muscles in the loss has no effect on enhancing the armor’s defense ability.

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3.300 spartan helmet Maximus MUSCLE ARMOR

Not only the breastplate, but even the helmets worn by the soldiers will make them look taller and more handsome. Van Wees said: “Although wearing armor from head to toe, they want to look as close as possible to the naked.” There is also evidence that the breastplate is sometimes painted with red paint.

The ancient historian Thucydides mentioned the breastplate, and more evidence can be found in the works of the Spartan poets Alkman and Tiltios. But the most powerful evidence for the role of ancient Greek armor may come from Herodotus.

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His writings describe that ancient Greek warriors not only wore copper armor, but they themselves were cast in bronze to shock the enemy. However, such scary armor is not worn by all soldiers, and money can be more shaped on the battlefield.

If linen can also be self-defense, what is the use of armor? Most of these ancient Greek soldiers were not official soldiers, and they were usually ordinary farmers. Brice said: “They are usually very good.

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5.Medieval 300 Greek Spartan King

but the fighting ability is generally not comparable to those who often spend money on training, such as Spartans.” For the psychology behind the ancient Greek armor we can only speculate, but the chest A may have an inspirational meaning to prepare soldiers and enemies for snoring.

Ancient Greek armor also embodied many of the values ​​of the people at the time, including the worship of the upper body. In life, the bodybuilding torso is highly respected by people, so it is also valued in the war.

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6.NAUTICALMART Medieval Copper 300

so that after more than two thousand years, we can still see their perfect body shape.Today, meme (memes/stalks) can spread rapidly along the Internet, and you may have long been familiar with the meaning of this sentence. In the film “Spartan 300 Warriors”.

the Persian king Xerxes took advantage of the military power and sent messengers to Greece to force the city-states to surrender. Leonida I thought that this would threaten the people’s freedom and ruling system.

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7.Spartan Roman Steel Muscle Plate Cuirass

The messenger’s arguments broke out with this shocking line, and used Spartan to kick it into the pit.

There is no shortage of bridges in the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Whether it is an early release of the promo, or the fighter skills of the real machine demonstration, Ubisoft is trying to use “Spartan” as the key element. From a longer-term perspective.

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8.Maximus Gladiator Helmet Medieval Roman

This legendary kick rooted in an ancient civilization that has passed through the hurricane. The ancient Greeks, who had plagued by war, pioneered a skill of killing themselves 2,600 years ago: Pankration.

Perhaps intentionally, the lives of Alexios and Kassandra, the protagonists of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, coincided with Leonid I. Looking at the fighting techniques commonly used by these Greek mercenaries, there are actually many overlaps with Pankrasin.

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9.Muscle Armor Breastplate

If the time returned to 648 BC, at the 33rd Ancient Olympia Athletic Conference, you will probably see a cruel scene that is quite different from modern sports. The athletes entangled and do everything possible to kill each other. They even use the shoulder lock and other techniques to clamp the opponent until others suffocate.

In addition to inserting and biting, the two sides can use almost all the means of outrage. They take life as a bet. Only when one party surrenders, falls, and dies will the game really end. This is Pancrasin, which the ancient Greeks defined as “all power.”

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10.NAUTICALMART Roman Muscle Armor Set Medieval Cuirass with 300 

According to the record of the Greek writer Plutarch, Pankrasin originally derived from the legend of the hero Theseus, who used his wrestling to defeat the Tauren Minotaur and successfully rescued the princess in the depths of the maze. The geographer Pausanias believes that the technique created by the legendary hero Hercules, and his boxing and twisting techniques are invincible in the Olympics.

In any case, Pankrasin’s versatile skills and tactics have drawn the hearts of local people. From the moment it officially included in the ancient Olympic Games.

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The project quickly swept the southern peninsula of Macedonia and the Aegean coast.

becoming an important event that went hand in hand with ancient Greek boxing (Pygmachia) and ancient Greek wrestling (Pale).

The Spartan, which we are familiar with, is undoubtedly one of the most destructive moves in the Pancrasin system. It called “Gastrizein” and usually determines the direction and victory of the game. In the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the Spartan kick described as the legendary skill of “Knocking, surrendering and recruiting enemies”, which is quite consistent with reality.

Unlike most front kicks that rely on the front of the soles of the feet and the soles of the feet to fight against the enemy, Sparta’s point is to use the heel to hit the opponent’s solar plexus, the stomach, the groin, and the upper part of the thigh. In the case of linkage of the calf, ankle and heel, the maximum impact can be more than 900 kg. It rumored that when an experienced ancient Greek warrior used this trick, he could even kick the opponent’s shield.

Although it sounds a bit sloppy, modern fighters find it completely feasible in the process of restoring action.

Most of the ancient Greek infantry standard called the Aspis round wooden shield, although there are two other styles of all-metal and bronze thin skin, but their popularity is not so high, mainly by The core forces and rich families held. A trained adult male is enough to destroy a wooden board with a thickness of 2~3cm through Spartan.

Because of its knight armor destructive power, quick launch, and low learning threshold, Spartan was a fairly common and practical technique at the time, and there were related graphic records on the 500 BC crafts. According to records, Glykon, a wrestler from Pergamo given the title of “Wide foot” for his solid kicking skills.

However, some people think that this technology is too vicious, even a muscular and strong young man can hardly stand the heavy blow of the sternum xiphoid (near the heart). Difficulty breathing and tripping are fortunate. The bones of seriously injured people will break, resulting in massive bleeding in the abdominal cavity. The ancient Greek medicalist Galen once ridiculed that the prizes of the Pankrasin competition should  given to the blind because they “played very well.”

In addition to the conspicuous kicking skills, in the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the protagonist did not show much skill in freehand fighting, but from some details it can still seen that they did experience the baptism of Pankrasin.

If you take off your weapon and fight

the first thing you can see is a particularly awkward stance. It is different from the upright position of boxing. It is also different from the half-squatting position of wrestling and sumo, Alexis and Kassandra will maintain a side-to-side flexion between the two. This is Pancrasin’s skill in protecting the midline and torso. The soldiers lean forward slightly and lift their hands to the same level as the eyes. The arms are more stretched than the boxing.

The semi-flexion position is undoubtedly the force for the follow-up action. Pankrasin’s boxing is generally only a straight punch, only to contain and interfere with the opponent’s role, the purpose is to minimize the flaws, you do not need to shrink the elbow to make an uppercut like modern boxing. In the case of sideways, the body weight almost concentrated on the back and back feet, which is ready for use with kick and knee protection.

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