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When it comes to Western plate armor and knights, most people have a plate armor stereotype. The sparkling metal plate is the plate armor key factor. Some people think that the plate armor is an indestructible and invincible armor, as if they only wear the plate armor, they can be unparalleled in the world. Today, the main purpose of this article is to introduce to you what is PLATE ARMOR, or what is the definition of plate armor.

The plate armor must meet at least three conditions: First, the protective surface on the front side of the trunk part must be a whole, or a hard shell that is welded/riveted into a piece.

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Second, the torso portion of the body generally forms a rigid barrel or box type of protection. Third, there is no movable part in the body of the trunk portion. From these three points, we can first remove some armor that is very close to the plate, but can not really be called the plate armor.

Many armored people have heard of the culture of the Kazakh culture popular in the southern tip of the Korean peninsula in the 4th-5th centuries, and carried forward the short armor in Japan.

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The short armor consists of a hard bucket-shaped armor (squat) and an integrated shoulder armor and shoulder armor that form the main body of defense. The metal short armor is rivet-wrapped with a rivet of iron or copper to form a slightly elastic, hard-shell body. However.

the short armor retains the uniqueness of the East Asian armor at that time, and can even be said to have affected the armor of most civilizations in East Asia until the characteristics of modern times: the pre-opening design.

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3.Visored Great Helm 13th Century German

Although most common in East Asian civilization, the pre-opening design is used in many civilizations. The biggest advantage of the pre-opening design is that the assistance of others needed to wear the armor is minimized. Although in the era of limited power of projection weapons.

once the overlapping design is used like a typical short armor, there is almost no disadvantage, but this design greatly reduces the ability of the front breast arm to disperse the impact force.

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4.Armor Breastplate Forged Roman

Therefore, although it is visually sensible, the short armor is very similar to the plate armor, but based on this, it cannot satisfy the first element as a plate armor, so it cannot regarded as a plate armor.

In fact, almost all civilizations are pursuing the maximization of defense. Therefore, the unique way, the unique armor with large frontal defense pieces has developed in different civilizations. In particular, the Islamic world and the civilizations affected by the Islamic world are many.

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Turkey’s plate armor, India’s four-mirror armor, China’s all-iron armor, Japan’s snow squat, five scorpions, etc., all use large armor plates on the front chest. This also includes some methods that use genuine plate armor components, such as the chest plate used by the French light cavalry after 1675, and some of the Japanese countries that use the foot in the foot of the squad, only the belly of the chest. When the armor.

These armor have a strong defense front. But as such, they do not form a strong, hard shell around the body.

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6.Medieval 18 Gauge Steel Plate

Some of them are the reinforcement of flexible armor, some for the convenience of transportation, and some for the weight reduction, but no matter what the purpose, such a design can not achieve the true plate armor maximum possible to mitigate the impact transmission design.

Although many of them are not inferior to ordinary plates in real use, as a theoretical discussion, we also classify them separately as intensive armor or composite armor, as well as a simple breastplate.

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In addition, there is also a kind of armor, and unfortunately cannot completely called a plate armor. That is the slats. Roman slats are very famous, but we don’t consider it because of its front opening design. What we want to say here is mainly Europe.

especially because of the preference of the Polish wing cavalry, and in many cold weapon lovers, because the structure is similar to the ‘lobster tail’ type light cavalry helmet, it often called The lobster armor (ANIMA), as well as the top of Japan’s top, the side of the barrel, even some early Gothic / Milano armor.

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8.Medieval Knight Peascod Armor

In these armor, although the armor becomes a complete barrel type, the opening forms a strong impact decomposition on the side, but for more flexible activities, these armor slightly sacrifices strength, and in the body above the waist, the ring type adopted. The nail piece connected by a flexible material such as leather, a rope, etc., so that the whole body can bent up and down and left and right.

Although this structure has a very close relationship with the plate armor, some of them still use a large frontal hard shell structure that is infinitely close to the plate armor in the chest or abdomen.

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9.Roman Lorica Segmentata Body Armor

However, in the face of extreme shocks, the strength is not as good as ordinary plate armor. Therefore, when discussing the narrow plate, we also remove it separately here.

In theory, the plate armor formed by the two armor, which consists of a large armor, will not appear in Europe until the 1390s.

At the end of that period, the most representative equipment that emerged the appearance of the armor pattern called Harnois Blanc in the above picture. The name of the Great White Armor is precisely because its surface has carefully polished. This is because in the hot and humid southern Europe.

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10.Medieval Arms Plate Armor

The black armor easily rusted and hot. The armor that can reflect the sun, especially the helmet, has greatly improved this problem. It can said that the white armor is the prototype of the earliest modern plate.

In the first decade of the 15th century, a new type of armor called Cap a Pie, which the whole body armor dedicated to the Duke of Milan by the family of Misaria. This armor has several revolutionary changes.

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it is no longer the spartan armor outside the chain armor, but the steel plate constitutes all the defensive surfaces, only in the exposed joints and soles, the neck make up of some lock accessories, and the inside no longer need. The last set of locks, just the body part, saved the soldiers a weight of 9 kilograms, not including heavy lock trousers. More importantly, compared with the big white armor, the new armor deliberately increased the degree of protrusion of the chest and abdomen, the entire defensive surface is no longer close to the body, and the comfort greatly enhanced. Secondly, the armor has a fairly abundant cushion. Space can better disperse the impact force by deformation, so that the defense capability  greatly increased.


although the leg armor is still independent.

it has a movable ring-shaped skirt that covers the body armor and leg armor that the white armor cannot protect without completely hindering physical activity. weakness. Unless you really eat a sputum hammer, even the general sword sputum can protect you.

unless the wearer’s luck is too bad.


its shoulders are flexible, with a large shoulder strap that directly connected to the breastplate by straps and hinges. Although not as comprehensive as the more advanced armor, it protects the fragile shoulder while minimizing restrictions on shoulder activity.


it added a hook. This is the structure that can only  used in designs that have a hard-shell structure that

bears weight from the entire torso rather than the simple shoulder.

This allows the cavalry to use a longer and thicker rifle.

as well as more flexible and labor-saving adjustment of the tip of the gun when charging. And its huge left elbow and left shoulder well as the thick iron gloves.

declare that they no longer rely on the new ideas of shield defense. In this glorious revival era, the real plate armor will come to this world.

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