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When it comes to the Vikings, the first thing we think of is not the world’s first maritime hegemonic country, but the funny helmet. How did this helmet with two horns come from?

The Vikings had the practice of burying the deceased’s items, which left the archaeologists with a lot of physical relics about them. Unfortunately, few Viking helmet were well preserved and none of the samples found had horns. One explanation is that Viking helmets and angled drinking fountains may have been buried with the Vikings. When they were dug up by Victorian people, they assumed that the Viking helmets had horns.

Top 6 Viking Helmet

9/10Plate SCA Viking
8/10Vendel Ages Viking
9/10Costumes Men's Viking
8/10VIKING Case Of 144
9/10Armor Venue Viking
9/10Beowulf Viking

The Economist gives a more credible claim that in the 19th century, other European countries had a strong interest in indigenous cultural traditions and cultural images. Folk songs, folk dances, and legendary stories – all of these things have been revived and praised. Where there is a gap in history, where the artist will use their imagination to reshape the tradition. Professor Carl Emil Doepler, the fashion designer of the German composer Wagner, first used the horn helmet in the “Nibrongen’s Ring” performed by Bayreuth. From this day on, the Vikings began to wear this Knight Helmet that they had never seen before.

1.Plate SCA Viking

Another similar example is Superman’s shorts.Superman has worked hard on the earth for 75 years like a model worker. In the heart of the most powerful guy in the world.

there must be a little regret, or inferiority. Regardless of whether the hero saves the beauty or the heroes, Mr. Superman has to wear that funny red shorts. Even if he saved the earth, his shorts are still the world’s jokes.

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2.Vendel Ages Viking

So how did Superman get this ugly shorts initially?Illustrators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster began creating Superman in 1932, and in 1938 Superman officially appeared in the famous action comic magazine of D.C.

We are familiar with Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman are the model employees of this company. In the “golden age of comics” known as the United States (the 1930s to the mid-1950s), comic books were popular, and many of the most famous superheroes were born at that time.

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3.Costumes Men’s Viking

Where did Superman’s red shorts come from?This is to start from the comic production process of that era: the comic authors at the time were all professional art illustrators, and the painting of the proportion of the human body and the outline of the action were very good.

The heroes in the comics need to defeat the enemy like Bruce Lee, so they all wear tights, because the tights not only fully express the exaggerated movements of the anime hero, but also fit the production line of the comics, saving the author time.

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4.VIKING Case Of 144

But the comics of the time often appeared in the newspapers in the form of weeks or months.All the heroes were wearing tights, and each one was a tight-fitting hero who had a chest muscle. The reader could not remember who was who.

In order to make the heroes familiar with each other, the author will use some segmentation or embellishment elements on the tights to distinguish the anime characters for the reader to identify and remember. In this way, our Superman got his red shorts (actually just the dividing line), and Batman got his mask (embellished elements).

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5.Armor Venue Viking

In an age when anime heroes are popular.readers’ attention is scarce resources.

Who can win the attention of the reader, who can survive the anime hero.

So even a super hero like Superman had to be wronged to wear this slightly funny “underpants”.

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6.Beowulf Viking

Superman’s underwear and Viking’s helmet are.in the final analysis, the visual identity system of the era of comics industrialization and the stage film era.

With this pair of panties, Superman is different from Flash, Iron Man and Green Lantern.

The Viking helmets are also easy to distinguish them from North African pirates, Spanish pirates or Silesia pirates.

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In the movie “Superman: The Body of Steel”, Mr. Superman dangerously abandoned his red shorts. The director’s statement is “the new suit is to match the overall tone of the film.” But this makes him look like he is streaking (the Superman without red shorts, red cloak, S logo will be nothing). In the TV series “The Legend of Viking”, the Vikings did not wear a horn helmet. This is good for Superman, Viking Pirates, and it is a business venture for custom motorcycle helmets.

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